for fabric inlay fins .....

Can you show me your fabrics / patterns please , people ?

I need some inspiration …

I have a few in the pipeline ,

courtesy of vinnies .

As Roy Stewart said to me once ,

"St. Vincent de Paul make the best tartans "

[ 50c for a pair of shorts , or a loud shirt , $1-3 for checkered trousers ! Can’t go wrong with THAT !!]

…Where do you people get your fabrics/ material for fabric inlays from ?

I find the fabric shops , like ‘Spotlight’ here , a bit expensive , and limited / boring in their range , but sometimes you can get lucky !!

cheers for any feedback / photos of your material[strike] [/strike]

yep vinnies rules, once i found a brand new top of the line pair of billabong boardies in my size for $3, i’m wearing them right now actually, really comfy. i love vinnies.

edit: oops wrong picture here’s the right one.

a greenough inspired one

I’ve got a beautiful fin from this guy in black with floral inlay. there great!

Hi Ben

I’ve just got some fabric to use,

I bought some paterned silk scafes for £1 at a shop near me the specialises in retro fabric.

really loud colours should work a lot better than the green paisley patter on the set im working at the moment, thats come out a bit pale. May spray paint those fins and gloss over them if the pattern doesn’t show up too good once they’re foiled,

I’ll post some pics for you when they’re done.

Also If I find any really good paterns, I’ll scan then into the computer, as the material is limited, if I want to use the patern again I can print it ontoo lam paper.

cheers guys !

josh , who is that guy cutting out that massive fin panel ?

woody , I look forward to seeing the fins …


Heres one. I have a panel made for my soon to laminate fish, but its a bit too thin. I need to add a couple layers, but i’m afraid it will cloud the affect.


Hafte that looks great, Please post pisc of the finished fins when they are done.

If that pannel is thick enough for the foil your after, but is too thin for the tabs, just cut the template out and add glass to the tab area.

If you’ve already removed the panel from the glass, do a small test on the inside face, if it looks ok, go ahead and add the extra layers you want.

thanks hafte !

…anyone else ?

…I have a few , but want to see others’ ones !




josh , who is that guy cutting out that massive fin panel ?

phil way…

these ones come to me from ‘Aileronito’ Pete …

thanks , mate !


…some that I have bought …

this one is a bit drab , I think I might have to either dye the fabric , or else tint the fibreglass panel layups …

cheers ,


…anyone else got any fabrics ?

i just checked this thread and am curious about how to glass fabric onto the fins. can you do it to a store bought fin? could you just sand it down some and then reglass the fabric on? then add a gloss coat?

hi phastings !

…possibly ,

but it is probably more effective / practical to lay up your own fin panel [shown and described in the ‘resin swirl fins’ thread] …

oh , yeah , by the way …these shots are for side fins …

for single fins and double foiled back fins , I put the fabric in the MIDDLE layer of the panel …

cheers ,


cant wait to see more chipper! i love the 80s board short fins. inlays r great!

" i love the 80s board short fins "

…1980s board shorts , eh ?

funny you should mention that , joshy boy !

your wish is granted …

okay , this material …

I’m open to suggestions , what do people think ?

got any templates you’d like to post , for me to use this material in ??

some options …

bonzer runners ?

keels ?

a big ol’ single fin , perhaps ?

a thruster set ?

a quad fin set ?

.... cheers , 



okay , this material …

I’m open to suggestions , what do people think ?

a big ol’ single fin , perhaps ? with little matching sideys or perhaps a big D-fin for your mal, that’d look great! a mate of mine was riding a 1962 fibreglass d-fin yesterday and it looked and went great!


" a big ol’ single fin , perhaps ? with little matching sideys …"

a funky widowmaker !

I think I have just the board for it …