for fabric inlay fins .....


oh , yeah , by the way …these shots are for side fins …

for single fins and double foiled back fins , I put the fabric in the MIDDLE layer of the panel …

Hi Ben,

Maybe I’m just lazy but the last fin pannel I layed up I had enough room to fit a whole set so I put the fabric in the middle layer. when I foiled the side fins this gave then a clear haylo.

maybe the next pannel I do I’ll try doing half with material in as the first layer and half with material in the middle layer and cut the side/middle fins from the respective halfs. Just seems like extr work to lay up 2 pannels for one set of fins.

I’ll post those pic of the fabric like i said i would latter when I get back from work, just didn’t have the time last night.

Here go go Ben.

My Next two panels?? hopefuly they’ll turn out better than thefantastic disapering fabic from the last one.

Maybe some thing like this??

For some reason my Pics never show up if I try to do them inline any ideas???

hi Woody !

…any update / photos of your fabric inlay fins , please ?!

cheers mate !


This one was given to me by Jeffrey. Thanks, Jeffrey!!!

Hi Ben

Balsa thats a beutiful fin.

Funny you bumped this thrend I was just thinking about that yesterday, I need to get some more resin and cloth, as RR epoxy is now available in the uk I think I’m going to try that out.

My other not so little project has kinda taken over my life, but I’ll do a batch of fins with the left overs from that. I still have that fabric in my awaiting to do pile, I think the next ones will have a wood veneer inlay as a found a supplier that will sell off cuts cheap.

I don t remember if I had showed you this fin…

“pretty !” heheee

…did you make it ?

What are the base , depth , and rake measurements , please ?

…It looks nice , actually (although flowers aren’t really "my thing " on boards or fins for myself !)

The outline looks good , and the fin looks fairly thin … does it flex a bit ?

what board/s has it been used on ?

cheers for posting that mate !


…yeah, I made it

9" x 5 7/8" x 3/8 (máx)

no .dont flex, its rigid. I put around 40 sheets of 4 oz…I cant remember that

go in a 9 ´ longboard

well, yes, but I think that in a longb the flowers are nice.

thanks re !

the rake …is that meant to read 3 1/8" ?



hemp inlay …

…hello chipfish61

3/8 is the thickness

Aloha Ben

Cause you asked, here are some fabric fins on a new 9’6" Tanker that I just did for a guy.

The fins were made by Steve Mock at Island Fin Designs.

The side boxes are PROBOX HAWAII.

Dang, Bill! Nice board, nice fins, nice photo… is there an insert around the center box or is that just artwork?

Aloha Keith

Have you heard my infamous quote…

“The only difference between good surfboard makers and bad ones… is the quality of their cover ups”

That is the simple answer to your question about the arrow shaped “artwork” around the box!

Thanks for the compliment on the photo. I really owe it all to Canon, Adobe and Sunny (who’s board this was) and who held the two Maglight Flashlights so as to back light the fins!!

ha ha! Thanks Bill, that makes me feel better about the board I made with flames around the fin box !!!


Aloha Ben

Cause you asked, here are some fabric fins on a new 9’6" Tanker that I just did for a guy.

The fins were made by Steve Mock at Island Fin Designs.

The side boxes are PROBOX HAWAII.

thanks bill !


colourful !

here’s some more material i have , potentially for [f]inlays …

[summer flatness + heat + ideas + materials [and $] = FINS galore !! ]

A bit too girly??

It’s purple, and the fabric is older than me!!. Maybe a single fin for my latest board.

good on ya mark !

you could always dye it another colour [?maybe red ?] if purple gets you …although joshy told me purple [or was it pink?? i’m old and i forget !] “is the new black” !!



I tried looking for that post “resin swirl fins” to find how to do the fabric inlay as you mentioned is described in that post, unfortunatly i only found RE:resin swirl fins where it is not described :frowning: