For Herb..from Hawaii

My confession…

Before I ever got the stupid idea in my head that I should make my own boards, I was drawn to Sways to read about fins and especially Herb’s Superchargers and Mark’s MVGs. Never did a hold of any of the superchargers but I just know in my heart that they would work as stated as Mark’s MVGs easily improved the performance of some already good boards.


I don’t know why you chose to respond to my silly aloevera post to Kokua and Mike as you did, but I can totally understand. A little over 15 years ago I packed up all my stuff and left a good life in the big city on your coast to come back home to be with my parents and family as my mom began one of many ongoing battles she’s fought against the demon you’re facing. The battles seem never ending and there’s been many other problems of health our family has been dealt during this time but I’ve been blessed with 15+ years of memories I’ll always treasure no matter what happens down the road.

A couple years ago she came to me with these words scribbled on a piece of paper that she saw on the wall of her doctors office (it was hand written by one the patients that passed) and asked if I could make her a picture with the words that she could hang in her room as a reminder. So I made this little blurb and made her a calendar with this picture and saying she could see on every month to keep her going…

I brought it ot my office too and alot of people in my office saw it and asked for a copy as many families have similar challenges and of course I’ve always abliged.

So with a deep and pure heart, I present this to you in that maybe you might see something in it too to get through the next 15 like I’ve been so lucky to have been blessed with with my family.

Aloha No.



for those westcoast guys I sent the “Hawaiian Healing” movie too as part of my goodie bag packages I sent around Xmas if you know how to get one to Herb please send him a copy. Or I can send one to if he lets me, but I’m far away.

Than–nk—yo—uu. very very much…it’s the world coming from you.

PM me, your mailing address(or someones you know?)…I have SCs for you…no charge.

PS…I gave my very most favorite board of all time, an 8-1 gun(#201 in the photo archives) to a stranger/a man named Sam on the Big Island(“A” bay) last November/December…just gave it to him…I hope he enjoys it as much as I did…or he got some good $$$$$$$ for it, to help his family along.

…Hope all is good w/ you Sam.

I feel abit ashamed that I didnot move onward to Kauai/Oahu like my wife asked me to do …then,but I opted to stay w/ my family… I felt it was more important at the time…I plan on a island hop session here in the spring…and try to get in as many as I can…meet as many good people as can be possible…till then …Mahalo,Aloha…Friends

…tired need to sleep now…


   I'm reading between the lines here. But, I'm devistated at what I'm interpreting. I know you'll fight the good fight and I pray with all my heart that your challenge will go into complete remission. You're a good people and we need as many good people like you in this chaotic and confused world as possible. I hope to see you soon. 



This one got to me. My oldest daughter is going through some postpartum depression. It applies very well in our case. Mahalo!

Herb: I wish you well and God Bless.



I hear your stories that I can relate to on my own front. Thanks for the afirmation, I’d heard it mny times, but as i get older the tone rings so true.

Bernie, what a heroic story.

Herb, I’m really bummed out to read of your illness. My thoughts are with you.

Oh sh*t I almost forgot it’s my Mom’s birthday today…happy Birthday mom if you can read this in heaven…hug Shelby,Shadow,and Chelsea for me…I love you all.

…and watch over my true friends,they deserve it,really.

bernie , you are the best !

you are the main reason I keep coming back here .

Your generousity , friendliness , and concern for people’s well being are something else . I too echo Tom’s sentiments …we need more like you to make the world a better place .

Herb , whatever it is you are battling , know that the community here at sways’ thoughts and prayers and good [God] wishes go with you .

Just this week , I read here [‘p.m.’] about three people going through battles with cancer.

My heart was broken . Feel so helpless being so far away , and yet …the fact that we are community and can be a ‘listening ear’, if nothing else [because of distance] is , I hope, comfort in some way …

It’s NOT just ‘about surfboards and surfing’ , this ‘thing’ called swaylocks …it sometimes goes much deeper …

And I hope this in some way answers the question someone once posted here regarding "why private messages …WHAT’S so private ? " well…as you can see …LOTS of things !!

keep up the good work , the fight , and the creativity ! 

cheers !

ben chipper

perth , west australia


It’s NOT just ‘about surfboards and surfing’ , this ‘thing’ called swaylocks …it sometimes goes much deeper

I’ve found this to be so true myself. The first time when cleanlines took a hit. I was totally bummed…and I had never even met the man.

Before Cerritos forum #2, I was sometimes teased about my “imaginary” electronic friends. I’ve since learned, how many really good people make up Sway’s. It was very interesting to see how well the real persons personality matched the “voice” of their posts.

Several new friends I’ve made here, have shared the battles life throws down to challenge us. And there are some who, from around the world, just take time to say…“I care” or "I’m keeping you in my thoughts or prayers "

Herb, my hand is in my fist bowing to you…right before I send you a great big sidekick of love. Ready…Fight!

With respect to all… and a thank you to Mike, Gil

Hey Herb. I am sorry to hear about this. My sister battled cancer a while ago. And I have spent the last 5 years volunteering at a summer camp for children and siblings of kids with cancer (Camp Okizu). After spending so much time with sick kids I still dont understand why it seems like the kindest and most giving people are the ones who always get sick. Me and the San Diego/ Orange County crew are sending you out some good vibes for your fight. I will be back in Orange soon and I would like to show you what I have shaped and almost finished glassing from the raffle blank I got at the last camping trip. Darren

It was very interesting to see how well the real persons personality matched the “voice” of their posts.

oh my …

I probably need to go on record as writing that [hopefully] I am not as much of a wanker in real life as I might come across in my posts at times here .

Computer is a harder medium than face to face humour , I have found … [although even face to face , it is still not always easy to recognise deadpan humour , aussies favourite form, of which a guy called ‘Ernie Goblet’ is the king !]

So, to anyone I have ever offended here … sorry ! [leeDD , I only meant to have a bit of fun …probably time I pulled my head in , though ]

To Herb , my best thoughts and wishes to you , my unmet ‘brother’ …I have always found your posts interesting , and your boards and fins inspirational …keep up the good fight mate !

cheers !


Hey Herb, thanks for the stuff you’ve shown me, it really ment alot. I just found out about this . I know things are rough, but you got God and lots of people wishing you the best. I appeciate the help you’ve given me, its made a difference in my own situation. I guess we all have our own demons to fight and cross to carry . . . Remember that support can be called from above, thats what’s gotten me through major crisis’ in my life. Get well soon.

Take care HerbSpitzer… Aloha to you…


My wife and I have had two recent family victims; wife’s sister with serious breast c, and the other a 14 y/o nephew with lukemia…a super nice well raised kid. Thankfully, both are doing great.

In the lukemia ordeal and having a small child of our own, we did some research on the subject, particularly wrt causes. Yes, family history plays a role but there are other factors.

Turns out, theres a research study conducted over several years - found that there was a strong correlation between young lukemia victims and PESTICIDE use around the house.


Living with a few bugs around the house is far far safer!

Same goes with all other chemicals…herbicides, etc etc…pretty much anything designed to kill living things are out of my house.

Good Luck Herb.


as one who has been both entertained and informed by your posts, and from one lao bin to another- stay stong and deal with it with honor. The wu de will see you through. I’m off to do a lion dance at a wdding today, so I’ll be thinking of you.



You’re in my prayers.

Ride on, Tom