For Herb

Hey Herb, first I want to say how much your information in Swaylocks has helped me in the last 2 or 3 years. Everything from your boards in the resources, the pic’s of your racks, design info, etc. Thanks for helping the younger generation, including me. I wanted to know if you are still making Supercharger carnards and if there was any way I could buy a pair (single tab FCS)? I want to charge up my new 6’0. Please let me know if it’s possible; my email is . I tried to email you but it bounced. Thanks man- ryan

…Yes,I still make the tabbed ones,and have a new glue-on type that is easy to install and is cheaper in cost.I’ll e-mail you,and if for some reason you can’t get back to me thru the mail,you can post here or phone me(I’ll leave you my number).Herb

Right on Herb. I recieved your email and the check will be in the mail soon. Thanks again- ryan