For Kokua Or Other Kauai Residents Or Former Residents

Do you remember a couple of surfers that were amputees; who used to surf Pakalas in the "90's  around "92 -'93?  A guy and a girl.  They rode regular midsize or long boards.  They were allowed by the residents of the village(or the Robinsons) to park on the point by the creek.  They rode prone.  They would drag themselves up on the beach and hobble up to their van and then put on their Prostetic leg.  Ring any bells?  Who were they?  Any info please?  They were both pretty damned good surfers.

Can't help you with that one, but I wanted to note that I've seen a couple of paraplegic surfers out at Malibu lately, riding prone.  One was a guy, and one was a very pretty blond girl.  Gotta admire their spunk and determination.  Also, I just finished reading Bethany Hamilton's book, and really have to hand it to that girl for her attitude and spirit!!

so bad at names,

we have lawyer who surfski up hanalei side( Leg amp)

young lady who bodyboards (leg again)

Mike coots (mana shark attack,)

another guy who surfski packala only  (para. lower body

Thanks for the reply.  I'd appreciate it if you can get me some names.  This is back a few years "93 right after Iniki.  Even if they are not the peoplle I'm looking for they may know of them.

i'll try, sometimes (out the wild west of kauai)

it"s outlaw , don't ask, don't tell, u don't ask, where you from,whats your name?


you get, "what you a narc?"


the gril name is caylin spears

I know what you mean.  It was probably one of the most awesome things I have ever witnessed to watch those two surf slightly overhead waves that day.  Their memory haunts me.  Always wanted to know who they are.  Didn't want to intrude on them that day, so just sat there by the creek watching them in amazement.  At that time I was a little leary of surfing there due to the rumored "landlord" in the tiger striped suit.  There disregard for anything but pure fun was inspiring.


we got some interesting people here ,

i was about to PM you and ask,

"who are you and why do you  want to know?"

the" net & web" are not too popular out west here,

in my years of being a "internet attention whore" ther's been very few  web whores on the WWW here in kauai,

due to "lurkers" i sign in with my real name so i remember that if i spill beans , i will be held accountable for my "bla blah balh"

it like if i ask ?'S , i'll get "who's asking etc. etc."

so cherish the memories ,

but it most likely was  coots and/or the  spears , (her father tex spear and caylin)

Thank You soo much.  great pic.  I'll be back over this winter.  Gotta visit da cousins and get out of the Oregon rain.  Will probably stay out at Anini(sp).   Lowel

Seems like I always meet some interesting people on Kauai on my visits there.  One guy that I met surfing Pakala is named Mark.  He had the most interesting kneeboard I've ever seen.  It was like 6'5" x 28" x 6" thick.  He'd knee paddle, catch the waves on his knees etc. never laying prone.  He mentioned Mike Wellman's glasser as the creator of that board.  You could probably SUP it.  He fishes up in the Northwest during their season and comes home to Kauai the rest of the year. 




oh no,

not "Mark the mouth"

us kneeboarders just go," standup mark, you're making us look bad!!!!!"


it's  a "Eggbert" design from my work on the "VED"  (vortex  energey device)design in the 90's, lance ebert is  a force of his own  and only glasses others shapes for day to day $$$


jsut hate it when he starts doing 360's to 720's


but he a great guy, just another one of the (ok not p.c.) the , oh i won't say it,

of mana plain

     Howzit foamdust, I used to print Lance's logos for him then gave him a disk with it n it and he can do his own now since I am now in Az as of last Thursday and feel like a stranded rat. Aloha,Kokua

    McDing, You make me laugh when you alk about leaving rainy Oregon and going to Annini Bch since it probably rainsmore on Kauai but at least it is warm rain. Aloha,Kokua

Kokua--------Warm is good.  I like weather, even rain and snow.  But since 2010--11 will be the first i have  attempted to spend more than a few weeks someplace where it can rain "cats and dogs every day all day long for a week at a time with a half an hour clearing to start it all over again;  I'm gonna keep my options open.  At least in Hawaii you can drive to the otherside of the the Island.  Every Island has a So. Shore.  The first year I lived in Kihei it rained once.  Was a little differant story out in Hana though.  I had to by a coat the first time I came back to visit the Mainland.  You're gonna get sick of Arizona, guaranteed. I've been working in Calif recently, had a heat stroke and passed out for ten seconds.  It was only 106. 

    Howzit McDing, I hear you about getting sick of Az but it won'be the state that thats to me but my brother who has totally changed his story now that I am here and when he drinks  he is a nightmare to deal with so I just go to my room and go on Swaylocks to ease the stress. I own half of the house and akk properties and businesses so I do have money and I also start getting my SS checks in Sept since I aturn 62 tomorrow and have started the process. Kauai has been good to me but losing my job was kin of like the straw that broke the camels back especially after the cancer thing and what it has done to my quality of life. I have options and if I need to go to them then I will and tell my brother to kiss my okole and unload on him. What is a shame is that I sold or gave away a lot of tools and spent over a thousand sending the rest of my tools and things and don't want to go through send it all back. I am going to ask him why he wanted me to move here if he is going to be an ass to me after telling me a totally different story to get me here, He doesn't even seem to realize what I went through last year and I don't think he evens knows what the word compassion is and I know he doesn't knwo what Aloha is. I will give him a few months then make a change if it is required. I can handle the mainland and look at it as a new adventure but I don't need any headaches while I am here . Aloha,Kokua 

Kokua ------------I am sorry to here all that.  Hope it gets better.  Check your PM.