for "speedneedle " [and others who"spray ??

hiya josh !

a gold spray job on an upcoming board of mine …

will it look too flat doing it on the foam ?

will it be better , in terms of getting a more “metallic looking” finish [for want of a better word / description] , to do it on the sanded filler coat ?

and , then …

GLOSS coat it ?

or ,

will just a “speed finish” [?possible to buff?] over the top still suffice for depth , and gloss ??

… cheers mate , any help on this will be MUCH appreciated !!

[and , if i’m not pushing a friendship here … do you , by any chance , have any photos of any gold boards you may have done , please , josh ?? ]

… cheers !

ben chipper , west oz

Sorry, posted the same twice…

Hey Chip,

Yeah, glassing over metallic will deaden the glitter, and speedfinish won’t be as good as gloss . Speedfinish does’nt give a good gloss. The very thing which makes the speedfinish Matt also hides sanding scratches. (…called "base-flattener…)

In this case, filler coat spray is best.

Filler coat spray and gloss coat. - Be very careful when cut-and-polishing… the dreaded “Rub-out” …In fact, when I do filler sprays that are to be glossed, I always avoid paint on the rails. So, do a railband tape-up. Other danger spots are nose tips.

When you gloss it, avoid grubby fingers at all costs…resin separation over paint is no fun.

Get some of those little yellow spot price stickers from a stationer to put over the FCS before paint.

Apologies, no pics of gold paint work. Did a silver pinstripe lately, but hardly photo-worthy. I can’t figure out the new gizmo for inline pics as well!


Hey Chip, hoping to figure out how to post an inline image again…

Recent custom with spray…


thanks very much for the help josh !

[ needless to say , when the board is done , i’ll endeavour to post some shots of it here…]



Hey Chip, no problem…

I hope it works out and I’ll look out for the pics.

A couple of other tips:- After removing the tape, carefully feather off the paint edges with a fine blunt sandpaper.

Drain the goop out of your compressor before blowing off dust. The oily water inside is evil if blown onto a board…I’ve only seen savage separations on a glossed filler artwork when another guy did it, forcing me to sand the work off and repeat, and I think the oil was the cause.

All the “Bear” boards I posted pics of in the “Flames, fades…” thread were gloss over filler coat art. I also did the gloss coats, and it’s kind-of on a wing and a prayer with it.

Take care with your strokes, don’t over-work it, paricularly where paint is on a slope of a deck-roll near the rail because its possible to make it bleed.



cheers josh

hopefully noddy will do it all for me !

i reckon it’s about time i9 gave him some business , having surfed with him and checked out his boards for years and years . [ you know …support my local professional shaper !]