for the Aussie shapers....

“blueprint” , the latest issue of SurfingWorld magazine …

an interesting read on surfboards , with articles by…

kelly slater

mark richards

sage joske [alaia]

greg webber [three interesting articles , thanks Greg !!]

jason stevenson

neal purchase jnr

my favourite issue for a while , i read it cover to cover

[apparently there is a film on michael peterson around advertised there , doing the east coast … so as molly meldrum would say ,

“do yourself a favour…”



have got the dvd of MP and has some great footage of him surfing but I love the interviews and stuff which are an insight to the man inside the enigma who has a cult following …very good watch…I am going to get a copy of the mag with the shaping articles, hope its refreshing and not the same stuff recycled again but from the sounds of it, it could be a good read… think it would be cool if they interviewed some underground shapers who are pushing some different designs…

HEy ben, i just happened to see this at the library yesterday. It looked new, so i grabbed it. I did the same as you, i spent an hour reading it, which, for a surf mag is a total record. I read the kelly slater bit and it was great, he’s a great surfer, and also not afraid to experiment, Maybe one day he’ll log on? haha.

I would say it’s the best surf mag edition i have ever read, though i hardly buy them, so that’s not a big deal.

I dont really want to give it back hahaha.


…WOW !!

the dvd is out before the movie has toured ALL of australia , then ???!!! how does THAT work , i wonder ??

needless to say , i would be keen AS to see this movie , i hope it makes it to west oz one day ??




naughty me !!

BERT BURGER [?remeber HIM?] is also in this issue …photos and comments …



…beerfan , did you watch the dvd that came with the mag ??

mind numbing west oz and ‘ours’ and ‘shipsterns’ and vicco footage …“yewwww !!” , as young sir josh used to say !

There’s a bit of a read bout MP here esp surf … interesting.

When I was 19 and on my first OE I was round at his glasser’s one night on the Goldy , having dinner with a bunch of dudes I’d fallen in with. There was a knock on the door and I opened it to find MP outside , come to pick up a new stick.He didn’t come in.While he waited he leaned inside for a quick look around.

After he’d spoken with Jim and left with his board I said " shy isn’t he ? " and one of the boyz replied "yeah , sticking his head in the door like that - man , for Michael , that took a lot of guts ! " : D

Poor MP … I built boards with him in HI. We had a factory at the comsat getto… So much talent, so many demons …

some of the footage and interviews in the new dvd are a good insight into him, great watching I reckon…I have alot of respect for him as an amazing surfer who achieved alot but could have achieved a hell of alot more if it wasnt for the illness and drugs …He was a special talent and his shaping efforts go unrecognised because he was such a good surfer IMO, he shaped some very different and innovative designs…anyway starting to hijack the thread with MP stuff… The mag is a great read, got it today…