Frankensteining a board-Bonzer 5 to Fish conversion

Hey everyone, here’s a project that kept me busy for a few days-about a year ago I shaped a 6’8 Bonzer 5 with a 70’s style outline and foil and down rails. I was happy with it and it went pretty well, especially in bigger waves, but I always had the feeling that it wasn’t quite the board that it was meant to be…so one night out came the saw and a few hours later I ended up with a 6’0 fish! I had some wooden keels lying around from an experiment in creating FCS-tabbed wooden fins so I glassed those on. It was fun figuring out how to blend the new glass in with the old and how to blend the break in the cutlap on the deck in with the new tail, I ended up doing a color panel on the new hotcoat that angles into the old cutlap to make a continuous cutlap line and put a new pinline over it to tidy things up. I’m really stoked with the way this board rides as a fish, especially since it still has the bonzer bottom contours that exit through each swallow, it’s heaps of fun to ride and does really good swooping, climbing and dropping speed runs and long arcing cutbacks. It was hard to cut into a board that I liked and had many good memories on, but I’m glad that I did!

As a Bonzer 5

And as a fish

yeegads man !

butchering an existing board ???

I have never heard of anything so …so…


…well, I’m stuck for words here …“outrageous” , perhaps ??

[or , “swaylockian” , more likely !]


now finish off the job , and put the other five bonzer setup fins on it too…then you can TRULY call it “frankensteined” !

…you DID keep those runners and the fin off the original , DIDN’T you , Mr. Williams ?!

Well, I only have 3 of the original 4 runners after an unfortunate run-in with a high tide, a heavy shorebreak, and a 5 foot south swell that left me with a broken toe and my board minus one of its runner fins. The wood center fin went into another of my Bonzers that I sold to a mate, and I made 3 more out of clear glass to go in all of my other boards. However, I really like wooden fins and I’m stoked to make some more, I made a few out of balsa a while back and they were great, really light and really easy to foil. Balsa fin with a fabric inlay, maybe?

Here’s your lam:

Art by Mike Shine

That’s pretty good! Kind of reminds me of one of those old '50’s monsters-and-hotrods drawings.

nice logo but shouldn’t the front and rear of the board be different colors or shapes?