FREE Tickets To The Boardroom Show This Weekend From Foam E-Z!

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**FREE TICKETS TO THE BOARDROOM**!!!  We are giving away TEN FREE tickets to The BoardRoom Show this coming weekend.  All you have to do is post a pic of yourself on the Foam E-Z Facebook page with either a Foam E-Z Sticker, hat, or teeshirt.  First ten posts win!

Come by our booth at **G-18** just across from the** ICONS OF FOAM SHAPING BAY**.  We will have all our goodies on "show special", giving out 10% off coupons, and talking shop.

On Saturday Oct 6th 4pm at the **QnA SHAPING BOOTH** we will pick one lucky person from the audience to come in the bay and finish out a blank with our Shaping Instructor. When the shaping lesson is done the audience member will take the shaped blank home with them!!!

See you this Saturday!