free videos

earlier this year i brought both the carper 101 videos. i’ve watched them a couple of times, and would like to donate them to someone who’s just starting out. first person to email me with their address gets them, i’ll pay postage too, so domestic US, Hawaii, PR ot the US Virgins only please. i’d have posted in the classifieds, but i’m a non-profit organization. let me know if you want shaping 101, glassing 101, or both.

someone’s gonna be brave, and try their hand at glassing!

please remember to email me the address where you want 'em sent

I’ll take both if you don’t mind. I’m just starting out - live in NJ and would love them if they were helpful to you. Let me know if and how I can return the favor. When I’m done I’ll put out the same offer. Thanks

Ramon, That was a kind gesture. What a great attitude you have!! Maybe who ever you gave the videos to will pass them on also when they’re done with them and keep it goin’. aloha

chris, buddy, i already have takers…but maybe they will pass them to you when they’re through. regards