full board lam dimention input help using ps5 illustrator

Hi all, im currently trying to do full board lams incorperated with my oil paintings. I have been messing around with ps5 illustrator  (Adobe) and cant seem to figure out how to type in the dimentions (And yes i know dimentions :P) in this program for a surfboard. Im tring to use exact dimentions to keep a pin stripe around the art. This will make sure there is no croping and will save the shaper time. Im also debating on heavy rice vs fabric to keep weight downd to a minimal. if any one could share some guidence on this i would apreciate it. ty 

Double click on the the Artboard Tool (shift+O) in the tool bar. That will bring up the dialog box. Type in your settings.


You’ll need to really measure the shape of the panel in order for it to accurately  fit the surfboard. A more forgiving way is to print the image a few inches larger than the panel size, then resin inlay your print out into a masked off panel and then trim it. Do the pinlines on the sanded hot coat and gloss over them.

Here’s some links on printing out of illustrator to a larger format printer using tiling.



Thank you for the details you got me on the right track :slight_smile: im still stuck on on problem. i typed in so rough measurements for the art board say 6’2" with a width of 18.25in.  My true problem is curving the art to fit. I take for example:( starting from the nose of the board) measurements at 6in and 12 in going downward to the tail, then the width of the board, then at the tail repeat 12" then 6", then finnally tail type. I cannot for the life of me find a way to input all of these measurements and curve the art to fit. I have been at it for 4 days lol… i really need a tutorial for dummies on ps5 illistrator :stuck_out_tongue: im probably going to call adobe before the world ends… ty for responding every little bit has helped ty good sir.

ps. and i like how smooth you art and pinline is :slight_smile:

The longer, slow trip is what I’ve done on occasion. Shoot a pic of the actual shaped/or at least clean outlined blank. Import that (PLACE, in Illus) at scale and there’s your canvas. Pretty clean, accurate final product…BUT since it’s real hard to keep it all aligned when lamming to the foam I’d go with option #2

Option #2 -…BUT as I’ve found, it’s much easier to just make the art a few inches bigger all around and then trim as Atom says, easier to keep clean/accurate afterwards. Pinline then gloss/HC again.

I’ve only done fabric from “Marlee”(?), he’s in Germany, but can print on real smooth, easy to wet out fabric. I’m not sure who/what good sources there are in the US.

have fun!


im realizing after 5 days that ps5 illustraighter is limiting my app. so im also downloading ps5 too see if it is possible to do direct board specs redusing ink and cost and time ill keep posted when i finnaly get this all togeather ty all for the advise :slight_smile: im using the free 30 day trial on both before purchase. in illustraighter you can take a 1" photo and expand to 10ft and it does not goto pixls hoping ps5 does the same :slight_smile:

You may want to contact to these guys >>  http://victimboardart.com/ 

They’re in Florida, probably not to far from where you’re at.

They print on fabric as well as rice paper.


Thank you all for the input, i was talking with one of my buddies thats runs a precut machine for the blanks and im going to try and implement that into the dimetion part, and or go with option #2 :P  and just go a little over. the photo idea is great because i got a variety of boards to use from big to small, thats definitly a good idea as well. ty verry much all it has all been verry helpfull :)) waves were actually less then a foot yesturday too bad i don’t have a remote control surfer to have fun with for double over head :stuck_out_tongue: have fun and surf… :))

ohh and rice paper seems to be the best because the fabrics will absorb too much resin from what my sander friend said from testing :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re making it WAY harder than it needs to be. Atomized nailed it with this comment:

“A more forgiving way is to print the image a few inches larger than the
panel size, then resin inlay your print out into a masked off panel and
then trim it. Do the pinlines on the sanded hot coat and gloss over

Guys do artwork inlays all the time. Print it bigger than you need and let the laminator trim it to size once it’s glass on the board. Then they just do a pinline on the hotcoat.

I’ve seen boards done with the http://victimboardart.com/ and they turned out really nice. You may want to at least contact those guys and see how it’ll cost to have your art printed by them.

If you’re trying to adjust the size of an object, use “transform” to type in the exact dimensions.  I admit i only read the original post here so sorry if this doesn’t really help.

full lam test run 1, 74" 18+" ect lil wider and longer for cutting out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Atomized gave you what you need. Forget including the pin lines in the print as the papers/ fabrics move when you laminate then too…

yea i have done so much reasearch spoke to so many people im getting it down i belelive :slight_smile: