Full size, any size fabric surfboard laminates, digital printing

I remember searching around here on Swaylocks a while back trying to find info on full deck length laminates. I wanted to place a photo on a board but that was easier said than done. There were a few guys doing them but I was unimpressed with their products (low contrast and muddy looking). So I developed (with shapers and textile professionals) the lightest, brightest printing fabric available. It took a long time to get it perfected, and quite a bit of R&D, but the results are amazing. My fabric laminates get glassed in like rice paper, and wet out easily. A shaper can use any image at any size to print on their boards. There are literally No Limits. Lately, a lot of shapers have been using smaller laminates to save $ and increase the graphics on their boards. Artists have been really receptive to us and have been sending us photos of their images to print on their boards. We’ve worked hard to make this technology ultra light weight (even full length deck lams for competition shortboards are barely noticeable in weight), with deep saturated colors (our prints are not quite opaque but are high in contrast and the blacks are very rich and dense; I’ve never has a dissatisfied client because of print quality) and affordable ($12 per foot, + bulk savings). Many shapers have been going with 4"x12" photographic logos which cost around $4 each and look unreal. If your looking to improve the curb appeal of your product or simply make a display board, you can’t go wrong with this stuff. Check out our website at: http://dystrakted.com/

Please review the “shapers forum” page for more product information.

e-mail me if you have any questions of comments. Thanks, Adam


What’s the fabric called and where can you buy it?

Dystrakted Surfboard Laminates sells it. Shapers or artists send me images that they want and what size they’re after. I work up a quote for approval before printing and we go from there. It takes 4-7 days to print it and ship it out. It is a great alternative to rice paper and far less restrictive. Check out the website for more information: http://dystrakted.com/

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This is a technical disscussion so I will ask you in a different way?

What is the material that you are using? Silk, Rice Paper, Mullberry, Cotton, Polyester? Paper or Fabric?

Do you print on a Epson or the new HP?

I’m sure your work is good.

Can you share a little?

Sorry about not following the rules. I didn’t realize. I’ll post it on marketplace. Thanks for telling me.

i checked out the website. that’s really cool. i’ll be placing an order really soon…

do you have any pictures of actual boards with this application?









I have checked out those sites and products. I have been doing this for 3 years as a hobby (my laminates have never failed) and things have been heating up lately with it. Those other sites have similar products but I can assure you that I have ordered products from several of them to see what I was up against, and all laminates are not created equal. 2 of the vendors use large sheets of rice paper which prints light and it’s washy and weak looking. When I started, there weren’t any products (HP included) thin enough to use on comp. weight surfboards. I have not tested their flag fabric but it appears that people are using it. I must stress that when it comes to these vendors (and they all market their products differently) that they are pretty high priced. The technology is out there, and some products work better, are lighter, with better image quality than others. When choosing a laminate company you should consider that. I have to admit that after all the work I did developing my product with the help of a print fabric manufacturer that it’s disheartening that print shops are using HP flag stock to print surfboard laminates. If it works, great, but its costly.

My angle is that I think rice paper laminates are too simple, too restricted and lame. When all the excitement comes down to printing opaque white, my eyes roll. I am an artist first and I wonder why snowboards and skateboards get to enjoy kick ass graphics, and surfboards get taped and airbrushed or get gimmicky resin tints. My price is low because I’m not in this to win it, I just want to see people explore the realm of unlimited graphics on surfboards. It’s a great palate for art work. I prefer to work with shapers because I want them to make their products more exciting at a price they can afford (I even do free design work to help them out). I don’t really care who people use for digitally printed laminates, just get out there and explore the possibility.

Check out the gallery page at:


Somebody replied to your question about Hp materials (flag fabric) and printers. I do not use them but it must work as people are selling laminates from them. My set up is more complicated, but it has been time tested. Also the Hp equipment is more affordable, but the fabric is expensive. Good luck.

Thanks for posting all the information. I’m sure a lot of builders will use your services. It’s a talent in it’s self just to print lams without the wash out you get from rice paper. Plus it always jams up in the printer feed. Sublimation is the best for graphics as you may be doing that already? Board builders normally can afford all the equipement required to do it right.

I might have you print me something to see how it translates under the cloth? Email you the artwork and a wire transfer to get started?

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 and surfboards get taped and airbrushed or get gimmicky resin tints.



Dam those Gimmicky Resin tints getting in the way of real surfboards! Dam that colored Resin...Dam it all to HELL!!!!!!!!!

Finally a real way to make a surfboard look like look like a .....surfboard!