fun while it lasted

I’ve decided to check out of Swaylocks due to content yesterday that put me over the top. The hot bitches, idiots, and retards aren’t where I want to be. I tried to PM a couple of these narrow minds to find some kind of diplomatic solution to simple disagreements but had little to no success. I had a good run, hopefully things will improve.

My brother in-law is Down syndrome, or I should say was. He died recently of old age. I can say that there is nothing worse for a relative to hear than others making light of their situation.

I wonder what the rules at the top or the page are for.

I’m sorry for my contribution to yesterday’s dreck.

I edited my post and apologized - and meant it - to anyone who sent me a PM. Epac, I hope you reconsider.


What posts are you talking about? No offense, but I haven’t noticed anything going over the top here lately. shrugs Maybe I just haven’t been reading carefully enough. Best of luck.



Just ignore the idiots. They are everywhere in life… why let them bring you down here? -Carl


Your knowledge and freely distributed information is much more important than some knucklehead’s brainless banter. I’d hate to see you leave.

Sr Pato



Your knowledge and freely distributed information is much more important than some knucklehead’s brainless banter. I’d hate to see you leave.

Sr Pato

what he said ^

epac, I recall hearing those kind of comments as far back as grade school. People who think that way are fearful and ignorant. But I understand how you feel, especially after the passing of your brother. My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family.

I used to work in a home for boys. All the residents were learning challenged, and some were older than me. We had some Down’s and autistic boys in the group. One of the amazing things I learned from them is that they were just people. We all had different levels of abilities and different personalities, but we were all just guys going through life like everyone else.

The leader of the home, a monk from Germany, pulled me aside one day and said, “Isn’t wonderful that they can remain children? They don’t have the complexity or sophistication that so-called “normal” people have. And they’re much more honest”.

I hope these posters can learn that the world is much bigger than what they can see at arm’s length.

And I hope you don’t let a few ignorant people keep you away. The rest of us benefit from your input here. Doug

Sorry about the blank post.EPAC you cannot leave.You would violate SwayRule 34-456-section 12. RB

Hey Skip -

The parents have been through a lot with a neice of mine with Down’s Syndrome… open heart surgery, dealing with temper tantrums, other behavior issues, etc. They resisted when it was advised they put her in a home. She’s done all right. I can kind of relate to where you’re coming from.

Obviously, there are worse things than Down’s Syndrome. The parents have always been supportive and are thankful to have made the best of the hand that was dealt.

Keith is another example of a loving supportive family man. Having been to his home for one of the shaping sessions he hosted and camping with him in Big sur, I could readily see the love he has for all his great kids.

I know he wasn’t stoked either on the comments made. After he brought it up, some apologies were made. Did it seem like the comments were directed at anybody with a serious handicap?

I hope you reconsider.

Hey Skip, I hope you don’t go. The last thing this place needs is folks like you departing.

Benny1 did edit out the comment, and he sent me an apology by PM as well. I think it was just a mindless attempt at humor.

There do appear to be more, well shall we say “juveniles” posting here lately. I hate to see the learned elders depart just because of that, though. They do need good role models after all.

Everybody else, let’s try to keep it civil. There’s no place for name calling, insults, or other such rot here…

To the extent that the moderators haven’t clamped down on it enough, our apologies… It’s a fine line to walk…

Keith, great post.

For me this post reflexes pretty well what’s happening with Swaylocks lately (i’m one of the “juveniles” posting here lately after some years of reading guys like you), and what happened yesterday with that thread.

Epac, you can’t leave:

-First you’ll be violating SwayRule 34-456-section 12 as Mr. Cleanlines said, and that isn’t nice coming from one the Lords of Swaylocks.

-Second, people as you are the ones who made “SWAYLOCKS”. People as you made this thing grow, and now Swaylocks is a lot more than just a forum, you can believe me, it’s some kind of spirit. Swaylocks teach me that there’s still a lot of great people out there that will give expecting nothing back. I feel really sad every time i miss one of you in Swaylocks, i know some of you are leaving, and that some others are just reading but not posting… You people made a BIG thing from Swaylocks, and you can’t go, sincerely, you don’t want to go. I know i’m nobody to tell you that you must work to “shape” this forum as you want it to be, but you should… i think this son all of you have must make you feel proud. Proud of teaching people helping each other.

Epac, just reconsider what you feel.

Epac, i’m no body, but believe it or not your contribution to this forum is really important to me.

Aloha, epac

Life presents more to learn than surfing, part and parcel of the same path filled with enlightenments along the way. We can all continue to learn from one another. Clearly, you have more to teach. Hope you stick around.

Hi Epac !

… mate , PLEASE don’t go !

I really enjoy your photos , your advice , your soul , and enthusiasm . [ESPECIALLY the photos !!]

If I have ever been an idiot , and am in anyway responsible for your decision , please let me know …I would hate to see a good contributor leave this forum !

( For the record , I spent MANY years working with children and adults with down syndrome and other challenges, and grew to love their way of looking at things. So in some way , I possibly can relate a bit to some of that pain in your family .)

I hope you re-consider your decision , and want you to know that if you did feel leaving here was what you had to do , I for one would miss your input and enthusiasm




I too, hope you change your mind. I hear what your saying with the juvenile type humor and especially did not like the “retarded” type comments having driven handicapped children of all types and also having the pleasure of watching Mr. Melville’s beautiful children playing at Plaskett Creek. It does seem that the forum has slid in the direction of the forum. But, if people who “know” depart from this forum all we will be left with is the more immature contributers and it will become just like the other forum. Anyway, I sincerely hope you will reconsider and I am very sorry about the loss of your brother in law. Mike


You have always expressed alot of important and heartfelt mana’o(knowledge) in my short time online here.

I don’t know what happened but as long as you have what you have to offer it would be a tragic waste and to walk away from an opportunity to help change the world of surfing in what ever small way Sways has been doing since its inception…

Learning is always an ongoing process and perhaps those who’s transgression caused the hurt have learned something too…

I hope too that you realize that it is important to the whole scheme of things that you stay and comment as you always see fit.

Sways in being true to its origins will always revert back to center and self police itself its in the nature of the audience.

Please dont go, Im new around here but this Is an amazing thing going on here, there is so much positive energy flowwing here, weneeds you, gerry garcias,(English translation of espanish thankyou) yim

Tough for me to word this as I’m not so eloquent.Alot of people don’t think before they speak(type).Alot don’t think of others feelings when speaking(typing).I’m as guilty as anyone.All I can say is I hope you reconsider leaving because you have much to share and losing you is no-ones gain.It’s easy to be mean and spitefull,much more difficult to be kind and forgiving,which is what you’ve been here.A shame to lose your contributions to this forum.

Bitterness vs. forgiveness

Foolishness vs. wisdom

Childishness vs. maturity

Insensitve vs. compassion

guilt vs. innocence

I cringe at the times I have been in the left columns.

I strive for the right columns, but so often fall short.


I can understand how you feel…

Take a break…

Then come on back…

You’re a big part of the heart and soul of this magic bus were all riding on…

We need you…