here’s a challenge …

post your ridiculous photos here !

without analysis , explanation , debate , pissing matches , dick waving contests , or words , please !

Maybe this will be the ONE thread that stays true to its heading …

cheers !


…to get the ball rolling …here’s one of MY favourites !!!…_0.jpg


Nice thread.

Here’s me and my pet seagull. He flies out to sea and checks for sets!


Me and my no-nose winter gun last winter. I never could ride it, but did great snaps!

And you can see my shaping machine hanging off the roof, with a few in progress.

im pretty sure you couldn’t have a thread with “ridiculous” in its desciption, without a monty python gag…

in fact i could do a whole thread on these guys,

remember the “department of silly walks” ?( john cleese(above) giving government funding to develop silly walks!! ha-classic)

i think it featured in “and now for something completely different” (or was it “live at the hollywood bowl”?)

what about “the vicous gangs of keep-left traffic signs”,

or the naval self- defense lessons on how to defend yourself against an entire repertoire of fresh fruit…


in retrospect this was a bit “off-topic” and possibly in breach of one or more of the official swaylaws… sorry

an example of the “quality” of Queensland-produced Aussie surf rag Australia’s Surfing Life [“A.S.L.” , to the groms]

to watch , anyway …wouldn’t be a lot of laughs being these two blokes …

[I guess that’s that the last time you tried switchfooting on the bottom turn , eh ‘silly’ ?]

No comment supplied…

no comment needed …although it would go just as well on the “fact …or pure bullshit” thread !!

nice shot , George !!


Edit: nevermind. Couldn’t get the right photo to link from Shutterfly…

how much is $102 AUS in $US?..

too much …

[for THAT !!]

Another “e-bay” “masterpiece” , was it , Keith ??

again … [I reckon it belongs HERE] …

My local break going off!



RIDICULOUS how many perfect 4-6’ moonless nights go unrecorded by those surf cams …whatever happened to night time infrared surf photography ??

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How to build a surf wagon!

  1. Buy a flat bed truck.

  2. Buy an old caravan.

  3. Cut off wheels of said caravan.

  4. Stick the two bits together and hey presto!

One pikey surf bus!

Cheers KS