Future compatible lonboard side fins w/altered base..?

I’ve got a summer HP longboard that had the future side boxes set at 13.5", and would like to move the fins forward a bit.  All the future sidebites I can find are set back on the base…anyone making future compatible fins that are set forward on the base…or can make customs that can be “pushed” forward an inch…?


Should be able to do it yourself. Grind 1/8" off base of futures  side bite. Cut off in front of fin leaving enough room to have a screw notch. Place the part you cut off in the back and crazy glue on. Add fiber glass cloth and resin to rebuild the 1/8" on the bottom and the end where you will make the pivot notch. Sand and adjust to fit.  You can do it.

a workable solution if I wasn’t dealing with some restrictive forearm tendonitis issues which have forced me to put my tools and flyrods down…so need a “factory” or custom order solution…

The stock futures side bites are kind of large also 3 1/2" height.  Take a stock 4 1/2" fin and have your glasser or fin guy cut out the side bite templet you want with the fin all the way forward on the base. Of course any surf manufacturer can replace your futures box to where you want it. The custom fin thing might be more expensive and harder to find a participant than just having a shop move the box forward.  Google Rainbow fin company and call them and I am sure they will hook you up for under $100.

good luck

Hit up Larry Allison @fiberglass fin Co He goes by Proboxlarry on here. He can make most anything and will have fin blanks for days. This would be an easy task for him id assume

The comments above about Rainbow or Larry are good possibilities.  I'm assuming the 13.5 measurement is to the rear or trailing edge of your sidebites from the tail?    A normal dimension for sidebites would be somewhere between 15--151/2  or 16---161/2"( being the most often used) .    So you would have to be able to get two inches forward to come up to the normal minimum.  If this were FCS plugs, it would be simple enough to add a plug or two.  At 13.5 though it sounds though as if the front end of the box would be in a placement that wolud prevent you from adding plugs.  13.5 plus a four inch fin base would be 17.5 inches to the rear of an FCS plug,  which is too far forward.  To get 16.5 you'd have to drill out the front portion of the Futures box.  Not advisable. Your board sounds like a Parmenter "Widow Maker".  He's one of the few who cluster up sidebites with the center box .  If you've got a ten inch box set 5" or 51/2 inces from tail (commmon for HP longboard)  13.5 would put the sidebites a little forward of the center box.   If you do have a 10" centerbox you might try moving your center fin back in the box or a differant size fin.  You could also try riding the board without the sidebites.  You might be suprized at how well it will ride without them. 

“I’m assuming the 13.5 measurement is to the rear or trailing edge of your sidebites from the tail?”


correct - straight edge behind fins, where they cross the stringer to tail…


yea, wasn’t happy when my new board showed up and I realized my shaper had set the fins that far back…especially since I always order my fin cluster further up on my shorter boards then he normally sets…obviously should have specified side fins at 16", which is what my last longboard (from another shaper) was set at…maybe it’s time to get back in touch with my single fin roots…last single fin longboard  I surfed was a 9’8 Hansen Master back in 68’…



Yeah,  I used to do all my longboards when I lived on Maui at 17".  Steeper waves.  After a few trips to calif. I was advised by my glasser to pull "em back on boards shaped for Calif.  So I started doing 16 1/2" or 16".  Calif or Hawaii; I have found 16 1/2" to be a happy medium.  While on Maui, I surferd a local hang out just west of the Pali.  It was a nice right hander on south swells.  reminiscent of Calif. point breaks.  I took out the sidebites, used a 8.5 or 9" Calif Rake fin and was blown away.  So much fun.   Up on the rail cutbacks with the tip of the fin barely in the water throwing buckets of spray on da boys strokin' over the shoulder.  Full pivot.   Save your money and keep the board unaltered.  If you ever sell it just tell the buyer it surfs best as a single fin. 

I would first try 4 1/2" sides and a 5" standard finbox base  or 4 1/2" fcs center fin with adapter all the way back. Be prepared for the true HP set up your shaper probably had in mind. I have the adapters if you need some.  Aloha

love Swaylocks, all great feedback, and much appreciated - yea, reloaded the fin box in the truck, added True Ames 4.5/5/5.5 rear box fins, three sets of side fins from 4.25 to 4.6, and bought a long board fin from a fellow Swaylockian posted in the Surfshop…

and said screw the tendonitis, rooted around the bottom of the fin barrel, found a set of Pancho Sullivan models that had way too much base formy taste, including front hangover (perfect) , got out the coping saw, mini-drum sanding kit and went to work, made these 3.5H that got another inch forward, have plenty of fin combo’s to try…and actually looking forward to trying it with a singlefin…


you guys da best!



Those fins look awesome. Nice job

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