future fin box fix

I looked in the forums but couldn’t find any addressing my problem.

I just resined in some future boxes and one is a bit proud.

Meaning the flange that should be flush with the foam is up about half the thickness

of the flange.

Should I grind/shearform/sand the flange down until flush then laminate, or

should I laminate and then grind/shearform/sand the resin and fiberlgass down until


I was thinking the latter, but it may be tricky getting air bubbles out in that area.

any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

[quote="$1"] .... any thoughts? [/quote]

Don't allow any air bubbles.

it won’t be perfect, (few are), but I would build up the area around the box with strips of cloth (dry) so that the surounding area will be flush with the flange.  Then glass as normal.  Do both boxes.  On fins that have been glassed on, you’d get a little rise around the base anyway.  Good luck.  And no bubbles.

I’m no expert but I personally would sand it down before laminating… I had difficulties with the board I just finished fixing the bubbles post-lam around the boxes and my flange was flush as can be. So I would imagine it might be even more difficult without it being flush… When you do laminate throw some resin on the box itself (under the glass) so that when you lay down the glass it will stick and not tent, hope that makes sense. Good luck to you