Futures fin box, resin in screw holes, screws in holes too, any tips?

Hey guys we were brought some boards from another shop to fix, among the long list of issues.there are 2 boards with resin in the screw holes?
Not sure why this guy put the screws in first but it is what it is.
Right now we are slowly digging out using acetone and nails but its really slow,
Thanks guys.

very small drill bit in a hand chuck has worked for me… can’t recall the size, but small enough to not round off the hex points, basically.

very small drill drit, drill out the middle of the screw. keep turning the drill once it’s though and it will catch on the grub screw and wind it into the box. once its out of the hole, hold the grub screw with some long nose pliers and back off the drill to get the drill bit out of the grub screw. the clean up the rein in the top with a blade, and kind of re tap the holw by putting a fresh screw in. 

don’t ask me how i know this. 

i have used a few different methods, a small pilot bit works to get out resin, i have also had success with self tapping screws.

Thanks guys, got them all out used a drill bit that locked into the hex and just spun them through. What a pain in the ass.