futures vs glass-on

Decisions, decisions…this is the one that is up. Looking for comments on amount of damage done to board with these two options hitting reef, rock, sandbar, other board, skull, etc. Meaning, which will lead to LEAST amount of damage.

Have heard comments to the effect that as the Futures box is so solid in the board that when failure occurs i.e. fin doesn’t snap off on hard impact, a big chunck tends to get torn out of the bottom of the board. This vs glass on which more tends to just damage local glass job and hence is an easier, cheaper and more cosmetic repair


If you’re making this board to surf locally, you know exactly how you want your board set up, and you want the lightest glass job possible get glass ons.

If you’re going to be doing any traveling, you want to be able to tune your board for a wider range of surf and you’re willing to put a few ounces of extra structure in the tail of you’re boards get a fin system. I prefer Red X

I’ve seen Futures boxes do a lot of damage to the board on such an impact. Glass ons do far less, but are not as travel friendly, and you don’t have any options once you glass it on. Of course, 99% of all surfers never try more than one set of fins anyway…