G&S Retro Fish

I’ve got a line on a nice condition used one:

6’0”—nose 18”; tail 17”; middle 22”; thickness 2 5/8” Shaped by Chris Darby.

“Super Green” density blank, 3/16" bass-stringer, 2-6oz on the deck, 1-6oz on the bottom. Gloss & Polish finish. Glassed on Wood Keel Fins.

It seems to have more rocker than my Brom Fish yet is wider and thinner. Any comments and opininions on the ride and quality and any backround info on the shaper would be appreciated. I don’t see many of these around (mostly I see Kane Gardens).



I don’t see many of these around (mostly I see Kane Gardens).

I remember a time (only about 3 - 4 years ago) when you could walk in to Kane Garden (pacific surf glass) chat with Larry a bit and start the order. Man, he took off fasts, seams like every shop I go in, carrys his boards (even at our local mall)!

Anyways, The G&S, I have one from the early 80’s. It looks to be the same outline per their website, But i’ll have to check on the thickness and all of the other mesurments when I get home. It’s not my fav. fish, but is fun, builds good speed, turns smooth, just a little to corky for me. Is it at a good price?