G&S Star System

hello my buddy has a WRV from mid 80’s early 90’s (just an estimate) and it has the G&S Star System fin box with two glass on side fins. the fin doesn’t have any screw or anything that looks like it would fasten the fin down (like a normal box) and we were wondering if anyone has any info on what this system uses for a screw and where you could find one? thanks.

Let me get this correct?

The board is a tri-fin w/ glass-on sides an a G&S CENTER correct?

Usually the Star Systems center fins came w/a thin stainless plate and small,thin,fine screw fixed at the back of the fin.This ,I believe, has been mentioned here before and you should be able to archive that here.

i have archived it and have seen the photos of the board but am wondering if anyone has had much luck finding the screw and metal plate? it seems like alot of people didn’t end up finding replacements? does anyone have any suggestions of what to use for the screw and plate? thanks.

HUMMM that’s a shame…

I know I/you could make a plate and find a screw that would adapt.

I know maybe try something like this…take it to a fastener store/business…they might be your last shot, passed you fabicating it yourself.

I think Herb is saying you can figure something out

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