Gambia - Waves here?

Has anyone surfed here? My wife’s just booked us a holiday there in March - Looking at its aspect it must get some surf … but is it worth taking my board?

I spent a year travelling and living in West Africa: Senegal,Ivory Coast, Ghana, etc… and there is some great suf potential. I actually found great surf in out of the way spots in Ghana and Ivory Coast, a couple of Imperial Beach (San Diego,CA)style beach-breaks, but clean and with no crowds… While I wasn’t in Gabmia specifically, the areas of Senegal North of there produce some good beachbreaks, and a few reefs to boot. Water temps are fine, not too sharky (though the same fishermen who bring them in to eat will tell you that there are no sharks in the area!), and a great place in general. How long are you going for? Let me know if you have any specific questions.

PS- Use nivaquine/paladrine instead of Methloquine (my spelling may be off here) if you are in the States. Much more effective and malaria is really a drag.

To the southeast in Gabon…

“… The hippos feed all night and then come back surfing up the coast to sleep in the lagoon all day…”

National Geographic - August 2004

Check to see if you need to get vaccinated for yellow fever.I fished a season in Ghana and needed

innoculation for typhoid,dyptheria,hepatitis and yellow fever.Beautiful place and great people.

Hi Silverback, Did you have any luck surfwise in the gambia? I thinking on a trip down to southern tip next month.

Cheers Joe