Garage Board #3 Progress

Yup, #3 already. After dinner I got a little work in, and here is what I got. Its going to be a 5’9"x19.5"x2.25" Bumblebee-esque Bonzer 3. Going to keep it clean this go around, clear glass with a nice pinstripe. Waiting for my 101 Fin Co bamboo siderunners and I’m still debating on a glass on center fin or a box.

Rocker planed in, time to cut the outline.

Outline cut and just about trued up.

Rocker shot. Might take some more volume out of the first 1/3 of the board still…i’m only 150lbs.

Thats all for tonight, gotta be up a 5am. Pops said he’s leaving the dock at 6am with or without me, the Strippers are running good !!


There’s nothing like a good run of strippers to get a man out of bed early!

Its too bad youuuse guuuys gotta go to the docks to get your strippers,

Over here we just go to the gentlemans club and their open late! LOL

oh! nice board