Gary Young bamboo on eBay....

Most of us researching compsand stuff know about Gary Young…

I got a phone call from Gary two weeks ago while he was over for a friend’s memorial service. He said he was busy with some new surfboard projects that fruited from ongoing ideas. He said he would like to contribute here, but felt he didn’t have enough boards out there to be credible at Swaylocks. I laughed and thought he was crazy for thinking that. I bet he’d chime in if asked. He’s on the big island doing his thing.

lots of discussion on composite boards,the real shaper of the year is maybe this man G.Y. i wish he would post some of his work and thoughts. aloha

That’s pretty funny. Everybody with an opinion is welcome at swaylocks, and you know what they say about those.

So GY if you’re reading this and the encouraging posts that I’m sure will follow, post away.

We love reading about compsand theory, or whatever other creative ideas are in the works.

ignorance is bliss, but i think BB once mentioned GY as a influence did not mean to rattle anyone but GY been around a long time. can anyone remember what surfing and windsurfing magazines the years GY was mentioned? aloha

If you want to read his story download this pdf file and keep it for posterity…

My brother has been communicating to him via email over the past year and he has some really interesting ideas and thoughts regarding compsands that kind of flys in the face of the current trend here on sways.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone already 20+ years past where we are today and get their feedback and what works and what doesn’t… Kind of like UncleD tapping into Charlie Wong for all the lessons he learned managing the Naish Factory. The tricks of the trade are simple but truly amazing…

One day I too will have Gary Young made composite in my quiver and probably alot sooner than I’d ever be able to get a true Sunova from Bert’s hands.

Aside form all his canoe work he’s already making the transition to becoming truly green while most are still dreaming about it.

What’s that board doing in Arizona?


Gary Young is an interesting character. He’s like the mad scientist, always got something going on, trying new angles on his trip.

Definately years ahead of his time, he allowed us(B.I. L.Guards) R&D one of his 9’ bamlams, around '96 or so. We put it through the ringer, everyone that wanted to ride it, did. I even got M. Stewart on it. Needless to say it took a beating, but was still way rideable when we returned it. Thanks again Gary.

I was lucky enough to aquire a 23’ bamlam canoe hull(75lbs.) from him. Still haven’t had the time to even start fitting it out, always calling to me in the shop…soon.

Are you reading this Gary? Didn’t know you were a lurker.

Well… I can’t seem to open the link Oneula provided. I’ve been there before though and it is a very interesting read.

It’s laughable to think he doesn’t have something to contribute around here. I’d think that in light of the stories on that site, the main question would be, “Why give away any more trade secrets?”


I have this .pdf file as well as tons of other stuff I’ve downloaded off off other websites before they shut down.

Any way I can load them on to Sways or somewhere else as a resource to hold for posterity so other’s can have access?

this technique would work great for my board builders reference project versus burning all the documents to CDs to send out to everyone.

I can’t trust linking to another site that might go away…

Thanks Dale…

Hope you’re doing fine…

Dick Brewer’s got a board just like this one at his house. It’s got the same logo, but the board is bamboo weave top and bottom. I haven’t tried it yet, but a few months ago I took Reno Abellira with me to Kauai. He rode that board for a few days and totally loved it. It sure looked like it was working for him. I’ll try it out when I’m there next.


Invite the man on board. Fresh ideas, with a foundation in experience, is ALWAYS welcome. Bamboo is one of a number of natural two phase materials that have outstanding physical properties. I’d like to know more about what he is doing.


I would be very stoked to be able to read that article and whatever else you’d be willing to give to me or the community. Thanks