Gephart keel fin suggestion?

Hi All,

Well, I never foiled myself any keel fins for my HWS fish, and it’s still hanging from the ceiling. So, I figured that if I ordered a set of the gephart fins from true ames it would serve both as a good in the had model for foiling, and I could use them when my own foils sucked.

Any suggestions on which of the two sizes to get? I’m thinking of trying them on my 6’3 fish, no toe in no cant. The caveat is that the fins will be located 2 1/4" from the rail at the trailing edge of the fin, due to where I put my fin inserts with the original design.

Option 1:Base: 7 7/8" - 20cm, Height: 4 3/4" - 12cm

Option 2:base: 7 1/2" / 19cm height: 5 1/8" / 13cm

here’s the link to the site:



Those True Ames fins look like glass-ons to me. Maybe they are available for some fin box systems. Are the inserts you installed for FCS fins? If so, those keels will apply a lot of force to the FCS plugs.

I think the question of which keel size depends on the board design and what you like. I originally put a pair of 9" x 5" Lis style keels on my fish. Single foiled, with a little cant and a little toe-in. The board had an extreme tracking problem. I ground off the fins and replaced with 6 3/4" x 5" CI style fins. A little more toe-in, moved up a little further and WOW, it was like a different board. But what worked for me, might not for you.

Hi SuperFatPat,

I usually line the rear edge up with the tips. Usually 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches from the rail. 2 1/4 sounds too far in although I’ve never tried moving them in that far and don’t have first hand info. I have the long based Geppies from TA. Mike

yeah 2 1/4 is pretty far unless you have a really wide tail. also for me fin placement depends on how wide the tail block, tail and how deep your swallow is so all things to consider, typically, wider the board, the further from the rail, narrower tial, closer to the rail. sort a gide lines, jsut depends what you like.