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SWELL/SURF: Huge NW groundswell will hold steady all day with Honolua
pulling in solid 15-20’+ faces. Expect occasional bomb sets to wrap in
up to 22-25’ on the face.

WIND/CONDITIONS: NE veering ENE winds around 10-15kts+.


SWELL/SURF: NW swell starting to back down, but still very strong
(biggest early). Honolua will continue to offer 13-18’+ faces Wednesday
morning with occasional larger sets early up to 20’+ on the face.
Gradual decrease in size through the day. Clean conditions.

WIND/CONDITIONS: East Trades around 8-12kts.


SWELL/SURF: Fading NW swell. Biggest early with well overhead to double
overhead+ surf. Occasional set waves up to 12’+ on the face early.
Gradual decrease in size through the day. Clean conditions.

WIND/CONDITIONS: East Trades around 5-10kts.


SWELL/SURF: Mainly old/Fading NW swell in the water with a possible
new/smaller WNW-NW swell wrapping in. Biggest early with chest-head+
surf. Occasional set waves that are a couple feet or so overhead.
Gradual decrease in size through the day. Clean conditions.

WIND/CONDITIONS: East Trades around 5-10kts.


A new and very strong complex storm system is currently developing in
the Northwest Pacific. As a result, a HUGE NW groundswell (300-335)
will rapidly build across the Hawaiian Islands over Sunday night and
top out over Mon/Tues with very large/dangerous surf across Hawaii’s
exposed north and west facing shores. This swell is expected to be one
of the largest swells Hawaii has seen in a long time. Honolua will see
a fraction of this energy due to the swell angle and heavy shadowing by
Molokai. Nonetheless, large/solid surf will still wrap in for Honolua
Bay on Tuesday the 8th before a gradual declining trend takes over
Wednesday through Friday (9th-11th). Wind and weather conditions are
looking good at this time with sunny skies and easterly Trades for
Tuesday through Friday.

Beyond that; the Northwest Pacific doesn’t look like it wants to quit.
Another storm/fetch of the Northwest Pacific may develop over Mon/Tues
to produce a new pulse of NW swell (although much smaller than
Mon/Tues’ swell and more westerly ~300-315 deg) for around Dec
11th-12th. However, keep in mind that this possible swell is still a
couple days from actually developing. As well, Maui will be heavily
shadowed from this swell energy.

Next update: Sunday morning, December 6th

-The Surfline Forecast Team

The GFS chart below displays the super-storm that is currently
developing and unleashing the HUGE NW that is due for Mon/Tues (Dec

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Looks like the Eddie could go?..

My bed has to grow wings like the magic wishing chair, and fly over there.

Or else hope for a bit of vicarious living via net coverage. Bill's calling it the largest swell since '69, and I was'nt there then either!!!




so should I bring a fish or a flat nose rider?  

I am already amping on it. I won’t hit us quite as hard as Hawaii but will be quite close. Luckily I got the shop going so what ever I break I can make a new one, LOL

Could the hwaiians please take a few snaps?? Love to see that!

I am heading to the country tomorrow…with a bicycle(no board)…park in Haleiwa and bike to the bay to avoid the certainty of a massive traffic jam…along with the massive swell.


roger   pics  i envy you    just to be there what a sight’’