Getting around France / Bordeaux





Does anyone know of a transfer company or shuttle service that can take me from Bordeuax Airport to the Hossegor region with a longboard.

I have done some research of my own but only found extremely overpriced options for around 400 dollars each way. Which is a crime!

I know there are some French surfers and some passionate travellers on this forum so if anyone has advice it would be appreciated. 

Hiring a car isn’t an option because after contacting them individually they will only accept credit cards ( not debit) which I am against.





I’d like to note that european debit cards do not work in the US, so I expect the same the other way round.

So make sure to bring enough cash.

Being French and having done this before, you don’t have that many options if you want to travel with a longboard in this area.

Boards are not allowed in trains even tho I did it multiple times during week days without problems. Same goes for buses, if there isn’t a lot of people, give an extra to the bus driver and he/she should let you put your board inside…I did that too.

Also, it is good to understand that what we call a credit card in France is in fact called a debit card in the US.

We (in France) don’t really have a real credit card system like we have here in th US, so you should ask them to make sure…

Honestly the best way to do this is to rent a car at Bordeaux’s airport, or to travel without your board and rent one in Hossegor… Will be less expensive and less hassle.

Hope this helps a bit and enjoy your trip!

Jean G.


Hans, that’s strange. My French debit cards work fine in the US, and my US cards work here as well… no big deal but just wondering about national differences?

Like Jean, I’ll confirm that longboards and trains don’t really mesh, though I have done it. Two longboards, a train and a bus on my way to the airport in Paris to get a flight to Bali… most people were nice about it, but the controllers weren’t stoked at all.

Renting a car is probably your easiest option and not too expensive. Plus you’ll have more mobility options which, in les Landes, is a very good thing (and the Basque Country is just a quick shot down the A63). Again, confirm that you can’t use a debit card (though you might be right as they are trying to ensure maximum recovery in the case of an accident or whatnot).

You can always post on the forum surf4all - lots of southwest surfers there who might be able to give you a hand.

When are you heading this way? No guarantees for scheduling but I might be able to help out.

Ow, maybe it’s just my debit cards then.

I got myself a credit card especially to be able to pay without issues in the US. And for online purchases in the early days, when debit cards weren’t accepted yet.

But things might have changed.

Anyway, a credit card makes sure that you’ll be able to pay electronically. I’m also not in favor of paying with credit, but if I don’t use it, I don’t pay for it, so I have no issue with owning a credit card.

Agreed. I have had a zero credit card balance for twenty years, but still have two of them specifically for cases like this.

I travelled the Atlantic Coast a few times. O.k. in my own van. But why don’t you fly to Irun/San Sebastian. And start your trip from there. I think it’s easier to get from Irun to hossegor.

And I never had problems with cards in France. There’s always a bank or hotel where you can get money with a credit card + passport.