getting swallowtail to look right

i’m in the process of shaping a 6 10 swallow tail but am having difficulty in getting at the end of the stringer without indenting the foam. how is it done?

small round sureform blade. in most hardware stores its right next to the other sureforms. a round file could work too.

Search the archives under the topic butt crack. You think I’m kidding but I’m not. There is a bunch of stuff there under that subject. Everything from using rat tail files to dremel tool usage. For real, no S.

I’ve used a sanding sleeve that was designed for a osillating spindle sander. The heavy duty kind that a good woodworking/cabinetmaking shop would have. Find a good tool/machinery supply in your area, they should have them or know where you can go to get them. They come in a variety of diameters and you should be able to find one to suit your needs.

Swallow tails are tricky but no matter what tool you use you need to mask off the foam with tape. Good luck

I used a round surform for the stringer.An old dull surform blade (without the plane body) rolled the flats.It was always shaped last.I would bet that a dremel type tool would be great for the wood though. R.B.

They aren’t easy to clean up nicely. There is a circular sureform tool about 1/2" in diameter that works well for rough cuts, files, dremel with barrels etc. I made a tool using a narrow strip of dragon skin stapled to a dowel that works at times. Tape is your friend as foamdust noted, and the butt crack threads contain good archived info. Keep in mind that the lam process is going to help with the finished look. Tom S.

Im all about the dremel but yes do tape off the foam. es team manager Ovelle Surfboards Hardin Surfboards

i’ll second that dremel. i use a round surform blade also. but to get it nice and clean, i use the dremel.

What bit (or drum) are you guys using in the Dremel?Thanks R.B.

I was in my shop last night and came across a tool that can be used to shape the center section of a swallow tail. I make my own fly rods and there is a tool that we use to enlarge the center holes of the cork grip. Basically it’s a section of a rod blank that is covered with an abrasive. You can get them at rod building suppliers, and they come in several diameters.

Jus get them to wear a g string