Ghost VOLAN...Anyone?


OK, that’s 15-15, then…

Talk about bio-boards: what about glassing with cheese?

Cheese could be an important ingredient in the quest for the ''board you can eat".

It is ‘‘sandwich construction’’, after all…

Some serious hi-jackin’ going on here.

A few months ago, before I started reading the forum, I was repairing a clear, epoxy, eps board that got damaged on some rocks in Mexico. I bought some glass at my local Tap Plastics and low and behold, it cured up green. At first I though it was the resin (also from Tap) so I got some nice clear RR stuff and it still cured up green. So I dug into it and figured out it was because it was Volan finish. They just sold it as generic cloth. Get some samples from your suppliers and try it on cheap foam before committing it to a shaped board.

looks to me (from the pic) like it was glassed with ice green tint 6oz top & bottom w/ a volan knee patch.

like i said before, shape a new one, take it to top glass shop ie: moonlight, global,channin,osi, somewhere where they’ll

glass it with volan

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an right

call up yer own


Yer Own self kin doooit

rite and HOW.

an you can watch 'im like an

overseer with lights and a scrutiny scope.

ask 'ol ows me sumthin

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that takes third party checks.


nice board

will look good with red trunks and a tall blonde

woman in a tasteful bikini.A tall redhead will do

if the blonde dont wanna go to the beach

for the photo next to the woody.

Thanks Obi. EXACTLY what I thought. Just wanted to hear someone who

is wise in the ways of the force say it too. Some have said it COULD be

6 oz volan that just didn’t show up well. Maybe we’ll never know…

(we know)

Ambrose- I shall call up myself from now on!

Thanks everybody…



Volan does not come in either 6 oz or 8oz. 7.5 oz is what you get.

Well, yeah. Just like 6 oz is really 5.6 and 4 oz is really 3.7. So, 7.5 is referred to as “8 oz”.

I am wondering if they have changed the way volan glass is made.For example…I have some 6oz. volan I got from Fiberglass of Florida around 8 years ago.It looks different from the old stuff a friend of mine has(but it does have a greenish tint).He has a full 60" wide roll of vintage 1960’s ten ounce and it’s a different animal altogether.It has that silvery green-brown color you see on vintage boards.It’s flat weave and stiff.I can remember buying this same glass in Hawaii in the early 60’s.Seems like it was made by JP Stevens???And then there was Dion Iso resin but thats another story.

ahh… dion iso resin, not using this is where it all went wrong imo.

the bay millls(cant remeber the exact name) 38"roll of volan is what we use it looks pretty nice

for that classic look + it colors beautifully. i beleive it’s 8oz, but it also comes in 10 oz,

i think you need to pre-order it form the supplier (we use surf supply in SD).

the thing with volan is sometimes you get a roll that is all jacked up, and you gotta send it back,

holds up orders and sh!t, but this hasnt happened to us in a while.

the stuff (not bay mills)that comes on a 30" roll ive never been to stoked on. always seems

like slighty darker silene to me.