Ghunt! Dude! That board you donated rocks.

I was working my way through the archives, as you suggested, and found that egg (kind creation) you made, the 7,3. Dude! That’s exactly what I have in mind to shape. I can’t believe how sweet that thing looks. Who bought it at the auction, and did they give you feedback after they rode it? That board looks insane. So, what are the rails like? They look almost fifty-fifty in the front when I checked out the picture. How much nose rocker did it have? Finally, what did you do for glass? Volan? I was thinking of using a 7,3 Phil Becker shaped blank from Clark. Think that will work? Oh, and I know I sound like a kid in a candy store everytime I post on Swaylocks but, hey, enthusiasm is better than pessimism I think. I’m not trying to take shortcuts by getting all the information I can, because when all is said and done, I still have to carve the foam myself, right? I have to imitate for awhile before I can even attempt to inovate. Just like learning the guitar. We all learned how to pluck “Stairway to Heaven” when we started. (I guess that message was for Spinout, the pebble in my shoe). Just kidding [smile]