Give Thanks...........

Im a member on an outrigger forum. The canoe builders protect thier building techniques and design theories like State Secrets. We’re very fortunate to have such openeness and generosity here.


I’ve seen OC1’s being built. The process isn’t hard, in fact the compsand guys could probably do a good job with their vac-bag and epoxy techniques. Now hull design on the other hand…

Most definitely stoked to be a part of Swaylocks. Still can’t believe the pros (everybody, actually) out there (in here) are so willing and helpful to share sometimes. Now that’s Aloha…

When sways first came into to play around the turn of the century…it wasn’t very well excepted BY THE INDUSTRY or by the more well known builders…but due to a handful of persistant and knowledgeable posters…the big boys ,caved.

There were about 7 of us here in the beginning…now there’s like …what ? 6000…not bad for 7-8 years… and coming up from the bottom to the top…H

Hey Herb -

When I talk to people about Swaylocks, your name almost always comes up as one of THE most helpful guys. Thanks to you and the rest of the contributors who make this such a cool place to share information. Oh yeah… I think there’s some guy named Mike who plays a big part in all this. Thanks to him too!

"and coming up from the bottom to the top…H "

herb, you guys are allready on the top. before sway i made one (poly)board and wouldn’t have done one other, but here i found what i’ve been looking for. thanks to all of you



this would never have happened without sway


I wish you my very best my," brother in arms "…You just made my day !..You and John Mellor,Thanks…H

Jim Phillips should get a lion’s share of the credit…In the beginning he put it out there and wasn’t afraid to get it cut off.

Kokua Mike Williams aka Wilddog definiately gets two thumgs up ! Just a heck of a great guy and very skilled glasser too boot.

Paul Jensen for his rather different approach to board building,and toughing it out thru failures and success.

Dale Solomonson for his gift of foresite and venturing past the norm of stand-up boarding.

Roger Brucker aka Cleanlines for his skills and knowledge in glassing and board construction.

Ambrose Curry for his own style of life and originality.

John Mellor for over seeing the site ,and gatherings here in BigSur Cal. w/ very little credit…but done well and with a big heart.

Tom Sterne for his third coast influence and generousity.

Gene Cooper aka Cooperfish for his skills and knowledge.

Rob Brown for his contrbutions.

Tom W. for his exactness and knowledge.

Tom Okeefe/TOMATDAUM for his molding knowledge and insite into this rather shakey industry.

Magicman and epac for there long term commitment to this site.

And of course Mike Paler the “King” and owner of sways for without him…none of this would have come to time.

I’m sure I missed a few/sorry that my memory isn’t what it use to be.

Thanks to Everyone here from the most novice beginner to the tip top of the top experts for your contributions to swaylocks.It’s All of us that make this site so Great !..H

Hear hear, Herb…


live from San Francisco, Sunday, October 22nd 2000

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[=1]Tom responds about “inverted radius”: I saw Terry Fitz on one at Sunset in the early 70’s and he was going really fast on it and making some beautiful turns. I shaped a few and thought it was an interesting concept. There are a lot of diffrent design variables that achieve the same effect… [ 1]read on[/][/]

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Sheeeet !

I fogot LeeV…and Mike Lobster…both were contrubutors at the beginning.

Rollies,Doc,Spindler,Rabbit and a host of others to follow.

David Jorgensen…AND Bruce Anderson…brother of Scott Anderson.

Like I said there’s more(even BJ AND Harbour)…Ramon…etc,etc,etc.

I hope for those who donot stop by here anymore,…have found there nich in life…H

im going to give thanks to( in no specific order)

wyatt henderson

Jim Philips

Dave Higley( miss you budy)

Tom Eberly

Colin Eberly

Alex V. aka get ugly

Andy Barry

Tommy Moss


Steve Fordy cent

Bahne and Co.

jimmy robertson

Sam Cody

Keith Perico

Tony Channin

Kevin Shohanasy

Steve Clark

Bill Shroseby

Joel Tudor

Jack Baisley

Gary Beecher

Ed Hagen


and anyone else who took the time to move me in the right direction, by either yelling at me till i got it right, or slowing donw to walk me through it.

im only a product of you guys!

surf on and let the games begin!

Mr. John Mellor

I thank you, along with all the other guru’s that have helped me so far.

John welcomed me not only with kind words but, with interest of what I was doing with the veneer and vacuum baging on my # 2 board.

And to top it off sent me a roll of fiberglass


thank you all