Giving Back: an epoxy construction primer

I’d like to contribute a short document I put together to help me with epoxy surfboard construction. This 10 page document is a smaller version of a much larger document I have concerning just about everything concerning epoxy construction. Other than grammar and non-surfing misspellings the text is the same as on this site. I’ve tried to note the author and date of each contribution.

Please feel free to comment on the document, correct errors, and add suggestions. If it is deemed useful could the moderators put the document in an appropriate place?

Disclaimer: because Greg Loehr has contributed so much to epoxy surfboard construction and has shared his knowledge with us on Swaylocks much of the content comes from Greg. Also, the opening page has his contact and pricing information. This is not an advertisement. I put it there to help my friend and shaper. I have also not contacted Greg concerning this document.

Thanks for the help and I hope this helps others.

Wow, Rob! Great guide! Thanks so much. I’ve been following the epoxy threads for more than a year and contributing for several months and I learned a lot more by seeing all the information condensed like that. Nice job.

Great Resource! I’d like to slide in a supply question. Have any of you San Diego folks tried the Epoxy from John Greer? On a surfboard that is…


Excellent job. I’ve been trying to find the time to organize all this stuff for over a year. Nice work and thanks.

You are welcome and Thank you. You may also thank my employer for the time available to put this together.

Next step is the Damascus video; are they interested?

Thanks again for all your work I this…I even recognize some of the responses from my posts.

I’ve read most of what you have collected by searching the archives, but its nice to have

them all in one place now. BTW, what is the Damascas video?

  • wayne