glass in fcs fucion plugs

My first board is shaped. my fcs fusion plug holes are cut. Now I need to glass the plugs in. 

Can I use my normal uv resen to glas in the plugs and let them cure in the sun? will the uv rays get under the plug?

im apprehansive because this is my first board and i know once the glass is on its not coming off. I suppose im just looking for a step by step process using uv resin. 


thanks for any help


i would not use the uv resin

i would install the boxes with regular resin with some mekp

wait for that to kick off completely then go on to glassing your board

you can use uv resin to set the boxes in but its not the best option and you still have to use mekp with it because the resin will not kick off completely with out it

good luck

I have yet to install a set of Fusion.  I'm sure someone will jump in here and give you a step by step installation.  There may be a video around on youtube or the FCS website.  You can use UV but you will need to catalyze it.  Normally I would use catalyzed resin and ground fiber for FCS plugs.  I usually keep around  some white Gelcoat and ground fiber just for plugs.  If you use UV and don't catalyze it, it won't go off under the plugs.  Using Futures;  alot of installations are done with just Resin or Resin and Cabosil as Futures are under the glass.  If your question is; Can you use UV to install a fin box or plug??  The answer is YES;  Provided you use catalyst.  Lowel

cool. thanks McDing.

great advice. thanks sdrepairman.

Yes you must use MEKP to kick the resin. With fusions do not use anything but resin (no fillers, additives etc) paint the inside bottom and sides of the routed out hole with resin, paint the box bottom and sides with resin, set the box. I use a couple of old cheap production fins to aid the process of
setting the boxes and checking the cant angle etc. Once the box sets up
just take the fins out and set the screws as deep as they will go before
putting on the stickers and glassing over the boxes.If you used the install template and bit correctly the fit will be very snug. Push the box in and resin will squeeze out. wipe it off and then just wait for it to set up. Put the slot stickers on and glass patches, or not, I’ve done them without the patches and they’re still pretty strong. I think they still have a video tutorial on the FCS website, worth checking that out.

I just got a set of fusion boxes that came without the stickers, and I’m thinking of making my own with masking tape. Any problem with this fix? I’m thinking it is ok, but I’m not sure how well the tape will hold up when I glass over them.

Should be no problem as long as you use the right tape.  ;^}

3m 233+ or equivalent…if there is such a thing.

Will do. Thanks so much.

Step by step process using UV resin is the same, just add the right amount of catalyst when installing the boxes in the foam

FCS Fusion Installation DVD from FCS on Vimeo.