Glass-ons for Hull

Does anyone:

a) have a 7.5" or 8" fin that I could buy/trade

b) know where I could buy a fin somewhere.

I’m on the East coast.

Thanks in advance.

Strongly suggest Fins Unlimited. Large selection, excellent quality, nice people to deal with. FedEx, or someone like them, will bring it to your door.

Most of the Hullohollics will agree, use a finbox, glass on’e might put the fin in the wron place, you do want variety.


Most of the Hullohollics will agree, use a finbox, glass on’e might put the fin in the wron place, you do want variety.

Especially when 0.5" can make a big difference. Placement can change from rider to rider on the same board.

Sometimes I write like I’ve been nippin’ the cider…

get a box, then when you find the fin is where you want it, bondo it in(the box) it will be like a glass-on…(this works, trust me)

I have to ask. Why bother with the bondo?

i guess you could glass it, but if you use bondo and end up not liking it, bondo is pretty easy to get out of the box.(ive done that before as well)i guess glass would be about the same . i just got use to using bondo 'cause it was quick and easy to work with…

Why bother even glassing or bondo. Once you have the fin in the right place in the box, just mark it and leave it. No need to glass if you have a box.

i guess there is some thought that filling in the box will create less turbulence and provide a stronger base to really twang the fin…

Yeah. I hate wobbly fins that don’t fit the box real tight.

if fin is wobbly, a real quick fix is to wrap some duct tape on the base-just a small strip from one edge of the base to the other so it doesn’t stick out beyond the box. another solution is to put little dots of resin along the base-one on each side, then slide it in. most likely will have to do some fine sanding on each until it fits just fact, i just got a fin today that was a little loose in the box, so i’ll do the tape trick tomorrow to see if it’s the right fin. if so, i’ll resin tab it to make it more permanent…

Yeah both techniques work real good.

I’ve also see people use clear packing tape over their open box space, and unused sidebite boxes to make the water flow better. But with a sanded bottom this can be defeating.

Maybe filling the box with hotglue that can be later removed could work. Bondo might also be easily removed if it does not bind to the box.

Man, we dont go that fast for it to matter, just use a box so you can tune your fin!