glass ..."soft"

hi to everybody I build a sufboard for a friend… he go in canary island about 2 days after and use a stick about next day or little after… on surf deck I put…2 layer 4 oz cloth and 1 center patch 4 oz hexcell brand and silmar resin… when he return back tell me the deck “go down” easely when he put foot… but no crack I cant believe …Is possible? how long time after lamination is possible use a board? I know about 3 week or 1 month …Its true? Im not sure… someone can help me? sorry my english

i believe the recommended time is for 3 weeks, at least that’s what al merrick says. the deck would cave and be soft if : one you rode the board w/o giving the board enough time to cure, or you overshaped the blank. overshaping too deep into a blank will expose softer foam. the outer shell of the blank is the strongest. try another board and see what the outcome is. keep building, good luck.