Hi, I’m Dave and I live in Berkeley, CA. I love shaping but I don’t care for glassing that much or have proper facilities for doing it. I just glassed a board in the back yard. I got that natural effect (leaves and dirt all over the deck). Do you know any glassers in the San Francisco Bay area that I could hand a shaped blank to? It seems like I can find more pro shapers than I can shake a stick at who are willing to charge $600 for a complete board with their signature but none who will glass up my blank with my signature on it. I just want shaper’s credit. They can sign their name as glassed by … What’s the big deal? Is there anybody out there? I will provide materials. I just need someone to dothe labor. Please reply with glassers as the subject of your email. Thanks, Dave

Dave, Try SF surf shop on Noriega (415-661-7873). If not there, maybe ASD in Burlingame (650-348-8485). OR: invest a day over the weekend and drive down to Santa Cruz. There are plenty of contract laminators around here. Let me know if you need any specific info. kirk