glassing a poly fin onto board laminated in epoxy


Am about to glass a fin on to a long board that has been laminated in epoxy. The fin is a made from Poly resin.

Any issues with this ?

Will it bond strongly

Should I use extra glass rope

I presume I should hand the fin very rough

Any advise is welcome



yeah it will be fine brian :o)

just rough it up

u glassing it with epoxy?


No prob…

I’ve got that fin you want…See you soon…


Assuming you’re using epoxy to glass it on, I agree that it will be a good install. Be sure and use plenty of fin rope on your base. You really don’t have to rough 'em up if it’s a factory made for glass on. If it’s a glossed fin, then take your sander to it with fifty or sixty grit and take the shine off it. Post pics when finished.