Glassing a swallow tail board

Hey all!

I am Greg’s brother and i decided to give the shaping a shot while he is away at school.  I have everything down but for the glassing stage of the board.  I am having trouble to find how to keep the fiberglass from bunching up near the swallow tail of the board when I am prepping the board for the lap line.  Is there any technique to help stop the bunching that creates ripples?  If so that would be extremely helpful!

Thanks everyone

hi gregs brother…who is greg?

I cut “v” slits in the glass overlap at the swallow tail points and one slit in the “buttcrack”… smooth out the dry cloth so it lays down, then laminate it. you should save a little scrap piece of glass for the underside of the buttcrack, because that will not have glass there otherwise.

try searching past questions on this, because I know someone has probably asked the same question. good luck and I hope thsi helps

Thanks! But I do have another question.  Should the bottom of the board be glassed first and then the top? Or does it really matter for a swallow tail?

bottom first ..............see john carper's glassing 101.