Glassing advice - - Thomas Boards

Getting some inspiration from Thomas in Australia and his glasswork - @cutlap on Instagram. 

Advice on the order of operations for glassing these boards - specifically the deck color triangles and bars. Would these be done first on the deck before any other glass was laid, or after the deck had been wrapped in color and just before the hot coat?

The second image appears to show that he’s doing something similar to fabric inlays, but the ‘fabric’ happens to be fiberglass. My guess is that he lams the color sections to the blank as a first step, trims the glass to the desired shape, then does the full lam afterwards.

Thanks man::::

What about the stuff below - where colors seems to be eating up the main deck color?

Would you lam the board top and bottom as usual in a solid pigment and then simply paint the color swirls over the dried laminate? Then do hot coat?


I guess it could also be a foam stain.

Hi Woodpool-

I like to ‘Google’ Teena McIlveen (ladyofmanycolours) and Austin Surfboards (Saunders) for resin eye candy.

See their main websites for ‘wow’ and their youtube videos for a peek at ‘how’.

Austin is a member here and can been seen on some of the resin tint and color threads-as well as all the other people here mixing it up with color.

Our own drzoidberg just did a video too, the red #04 longboard, might have to go to Vimeo to get to it.




Ha, thanks for the mention. It should be noted that that was my first time doing a resin swirl. I’ve only done solid color before that. The user Austin has videos on YouTube as said, which I watched many times. He kills it.

…it s all in the lamination;

the colors in different buckets and clear resin in other bucket.

I do many like those I can put some if you like.


Drzoidberg- I hope I did not offend you.  It’s great to see process and result and your board was fresh in my mind. I liked how your did the 04 in clear and swirled some of the colors in the cups before pouring them out on the board.

Reverb-I would like to see more of your work, thanks. I didn’t know you did ‘swirly’ stuff, always pictured you as more of a gloss and pinline guy.


Yeah man, for sure. Love to see some of your work. 

Ha, definitely not offended. It’s just funny and sort of flattering seeing something I’ve done being posted as advice. Many thanks.

I did this by lamming the first layer.  Then I masked off around the purple area, and glassed it with tint.  Then I masked off the purple area itself, and glassed the whole deck but cut out and removed the glass over the purple area, so I didn’t get a bump.  I left about an eighth inch lap, which I sanded.  Then I did a deck patch over it, which is standard for me, 2 layers on the deck, plus deck patch.

Next time, I would probably just mask off and stain the foam before glassing.  But if you were going with a swirl or something, you would want to do it with the glass, like the picture shows in the original post.

On this one, I painted the picture on the foam, then masked around, and glassed over it.  Then I masked over the painted area, and masked off the rails, and glassed with the swirl.  I cut the glass around the deck emblem, again leaving a small overlap, which I sanded.  Then second layer of deck lam over everything.

…hello; here some:



Resin Foam stains  done by Otis 6 years ago 

I met Thomas in France at UWL  , big happy guy  :-)

I like the last one reverb posted with the white pinline.