Glassing deck patches

Hi All

I am about to make my new board and want to use 1 x 4oz on the bottom & 1 x 4oz on the deck with a 4oz patch.

I’m using the patch from just forward of my front foot through to the tail rather than a full layer of 4oz to keep the weight down.

Q. Do I lay the patch under or over the full sheet of 4oz?

Q. Are there any tricks of the trade I need to know about ?

Any and all help appreciated.

Hey Tim

I’ve only ever put one under the deck layer, I think it helps make the transition from one layer to the other a bit smoother. I also round the corners of the deck patch to help make it look neater

What are you making?

Under or over lap lam is not too important, what is VITAL is you DO NOT cut the cloth straight accross the stringer!!!

Always either use a chevron shape, or a rounded edge both front and back of patch.

Same holds true for fin patches, never run a perpendicular to the stringer cloth cut, board will break there.

Hey LeeDD,

That was very useful info, I didn’t think of that.

What about turning the patch 45deg to the stringer, any strength advantages to that?

Not really, been tried, and inconclusive. You want the board rigid against twist, and flex is not a bad thing, if isolated to around 2" total.

G’day Hicksy

I’ve been chatting to Ben quite a bit. Thanks for the tip, I’ll put it underneath with a rounded front edge.

Next week I’ll start shaping my 6’7" x 22.5" x 2.5", 14"Nose, 16.5"Tail, 5"Nose Rocker, 2"Tail Rocker, flat to double with a similar planshape to the photo below