glassing help

im about to start glassing my 1st board, and i have no idea what i should ask for when i go to buy the materials? the board is a 5`8" fish, i was just wondering what should i ask for for a bourd of this size…How much glass, resin, hardener and anyting else. i have never glassed a board b4 but my dad has, but he got the materials froma friend, and he doesnt know how much he used ay help would be much appreciated

You can buy glass by the yard. You will want to get 4oz., the type (not the brand) is silane. Some brand names are Hexcel & JPS. They have different types of glass like E glass, S glass etc. which indicate variations in the weave. I would not worry about that right now. Once you find a place that will sell you silane by the yard, just get what you can afford (the guys at the supply house can direct you further). Next you need laminating resin, one gallon will do you. Slymar 249A is the brand I use. Get a small container of wax solution (this is clear fluid that you add to the laminating resin for your hot coat). Mixing is yourself is not difficult and will allow you to control the amount and ensure that you get a good ratio. Get a small container of MEKP (this is the hardner). Sorry I can’t give you specific sizes on the container, but you are only doing one board (a small one at that). You will not run the risk of running out of anything. You can get your leash cup at the supply store as well. I don’t know if you dad has any supplies of his own (ie. resperator, squegee, etc.). If he has done it before he should know what he has and what he needs. I am sure others will add to this list, but this is a start. Below is a link to a place where you can get all this stuff (or just something to check out, so you can see some prices and get some more info) . I don’t know where you are from, but more than likely you can get locally. The ratios like MEKP to resin, etc. kind of vary from region to region. Temperature plays an important role. Your dad might already know. If not you can probably get that info from someone here. Good luck.