Glassing question

So I did a light orange tint on my longboard, bottom and rails. I ran out of resin and could not wet the rails out properly.

I now want to glass over it with a PIGMENT to hide my mistakes.

how much pigment per quart do I need to hide this screw up(maximum)?

Which color pigments work best to cover up glassing flaws?

do i need to do cutlaps?

Please HELP!!!



It's a shot in the dark without seeing it or at least a picture.  From your description I can't tell whether you've just got dry spots or you didn't get the rail lapped or what exactly?  Give me a better idea and maybe we can help.  Are you thinking about opaqueing the deck and lapping the rails to cover the screw-up?

Reread your post.  Sounds like you want to glass over the bottom with pigment to cover the mistake.  OK   Buy pigment not tint.  Stir it with a wooden stir stick.  Add pigment until you cannot see the stir stick thru the pigmented resin.   Use a color like orange or red to be sure that it will cover the light orange.   Yes use a cutlap and set your tape line so that it will cover the previos layer.  You may also need to grind the lap from the first layer of cloth.   If I am assuming correctly that should take care of it.  But you could also do what I mentioned in my first post and opaque pigment the deck orange or red and cutlap it on the bottom.   If it is only the rails are where your problem is that would cover it up.  You would wind up with a pigmented deck cutlapped onto the tinted bottom.  It's actually a pretty cool look and you see it done from time to time.   Hope all this helps.   

sorry for being so vague. The rails are lapped, but color isn't even due to dry spots.Bottom is not too even either cause I was too busy trying to wet out my fricken rail.  If I do about 1 oz pigment per quart of resin is that too much?

Also if I do orange pigment on the bottom and the deck will I need cutlaps?