Glassing Schedule for a 14' x 22" Flatwater Race Sup

I have built 4 boards before this so im still new to his. I built 2 paddle boards using xps from lowes. I staggered the foam, glued it together, hot wired it, watched it come apart, glued it some more, and had some small bubbles after glassing. The foam rocker would go out of wack if i didnt glass it right away ive learned so i have given up on the xps and am going to order a eps foam block next. I have built a homemade hotwire so im going to use that on the rocker and large deck cuts. My previous glassig was using vector net 1 inch over top of a 4 oz s glass on the bottom top was 2 layers of 4oz s glass. The board was 14 x 18.5 and came out fun and fast but i had a hell of a time glassing the straight rails trying to get the golf ball pivots out of the rail from the vector space inbetween the diamonds of the vector net. (i think i was suppose to put a layer of glass over the vector net). Alot of glassing over it and a heavy blank made the board a beast but solid at 31lbs haha.

I can actually balance on the 14x18.5 and stand up. So with that thought i want to take full advantage of my balance and build a 14 x 22" or 21" flat water stand up raceboard.

My question is what would be the best density of eps foam block i should order?  I was thinking 1.5lb

Im 5’ 9" 140lbs and it will only be used in flat water races. So what can i get away with glassing wise to still make it light and not snap?

Also if i were to use vector net again should i try vacuum bagging it directly on the blank with a 4oz s glass layer on top of it?

Would it be possible to use a 2lb density and use 4 oz s glass on the bottom with 2 4 oz s glass layers on top with possible a patch for the standing area?

Should i use 3" carbon tape as a stringer?

Can i glass the vector net underneathe the s glass without vacuum bagging?


Vector net is better when not vacuum bagged. Bagging makes the armid ropes stand up loud and proud. Lots of filling required.

I’d pass on vector net. It adds weight and doesn’t help against heel dents. 

Most race boards are 1 lb EPS. Light wins the race. 1.5 lb will be easier to work with though.

Holding the rocker without a stringer is the biggest challenge. I used a rocker bed, back when I built race SUPs. I don’t do them anymore.

If I were to do them again, I’d try glassing carbon tape down the centerline to set the rocker.  Then glass as normal, once that carbon tape is good and hard. Use 3 glassing stands if needed to hold rocker.