Glassing wings, fliers & bumps

About to glass a double bump swallow and was wondering if it is recommended to cut a relief in the glass to allow it to wrap without creasing when lapped onto the deck. They’re Pavel style double bumps (very slight), haven’t done one of these before so any insight, ideas etc would be appreciated.



Cut em! One scissor cut at each “bump” or “wing”. Just like you’d do if you were glassing a square-tail. Lowel

usually you dont have to make any relief cut for wings unless they are very deep or drastic. not sure if you meant relief cuts for the double bumps as well but that is not necessary, just make sure you fold the lap from the middle of the board like usual.

if its a clear glass job than creases dont matter that much as long as they are very small

Thanks mate, I forgot to add that the board will be tinted too.