Gloss coat covering fin slot - JED NOLL


New surfshop VAZVA open here in Coruna (Spain). I went last evening, just to say “hola” and look around. 3 longboards in the showroom, all from JED NOLL, all clear and very, very brittle. I took a look to the boxes and…what’s that? They put a stripe of cheap tape over the center fin box and then they glossed or sprayed clear over it. I passed my hand over the box and there is no step. Completely flat surface.

When I commented it to the shop owner, he said he didn’t noticed it. We put the board bottom up, pushed the gloss+tape into the slot with the finger and they broke cleanly into it. But the cheap tape is still around the slot and under the gloss (quite ugly IMO).

Anyone saw this before?

No pics, sorry.

I know of the shop that makes the Ryan Noll boards, it is a common practice here to put the tape on a center box that has no cover from the factory. When they install the box, they cover it with tape so no resin gets in the box. After the gloss coat is done and polished, the polisher should have removed the the tape, since they have not removed it, its a bad job on the glass shop.


Boxes with slot covers being a rather rare item in Europe, the standard is indeed still to tape the opening. Most makers, however use tape that is slightly narrower than the box and cut the ends carefully so that when your gloss/polish is done it makes for a clean removal albeit with a slight step. Attention to details like that still leave a little room for development in a lot of glass shops over here.

How was the sanding job? That tends to be a recurrent issue as well…

the tape is not a big deal.

if thats all you can find wrong with this board …

its a 90%ile execution of the craft…

or perhaps the board should be thrown over the cliff

with all the prolatarian chevrolets and crass studebakers and renaults

gee whiz tape comes off really easy.

and the solvent for adhesive too

the board is for the water and when you are riding you cant see the box

if it is not acceptable donate it to a poor kid

the poor kid will cherish it

and ride it with love…

the greatest reward is to see the new builder’s critisyms disolve

as they close on completion of their first board

and perhaps sell the last board they will ever make

leaving the building to others

and rarely finding fault

as they fully respect the effort


if you want the job done right

you must do it yourself

If only my own were perfect enough to criticize merely the tape line…

I think the kids below are in for a treat next time I pass a cliff.

The comment, however might not be entirely out of line in the context of the shop concerned. It’s not just the tape.

Maybe I should be stoked that the repair racks stay full… but I’d rather the customers stay stoked about local board production quality.

Howzit neira, Even good tape will leave some residue after pulling the tape, just use a litlle acetone to clean it off. But I've never seen the tape residue under the gloss since the gloss resin won't adhere to it.Aloha,Kokua

Now I got pics:

Can you see the tape???

This pic shows gloss+tape pulled inside the slot with the finger.

This shot shows board from factory.

that upc tag says the boards are 1700 euros.

at that price I would demand a discount!

the tape and its residue will surely slow the boards forward speed

down to a stop,


The dent in the aluminum frame door in the photo should be reported also.

these defects in the extruded aluminum frames could cause catastrophic

damage to the structure and the building should be evacuated immediately.

when the windows start rattlin’at 48k

go directly to the safe room.

sombody phone sombody

I gotta scrape a bug from the gloss coat out back

before any of the other bugs see,

then they will all wanna be glossed into

a surfboard.

stop by my shop I’ll sell you a board with three layers of glass over the box

with the glass roundover rubbed out.

bugs in the gloss coat

and maybe a crooked fin box.

FOB waipouli100.oo a foot

Howzit neira, Kind of hard to see the tape but here's what it looks like is going on. When the board was being rubbed out the resin over the box can get taken off but the stip over the hole sinks into the box hole and where the tape was on the side of the hole leaves tape residue. Can you see or feel where the edge of the tape was, and if so ie the residue stop there. This is normal for a rubbed out gloss and what happened is they didn't take the tape out of the box and didn't clean up thr tape residue. Some body just didn't do their job at the factory but it has no effect and just needs to be cleaned up with some acetone. The only other thing is if they didn't remove the tape in the hole then there probably isn't a screw plate in the slot. It amazes me how many boards don't have a screw plate in them especially since when you buy finboxes they include a screw plate with them, I know I always put the screw plate in the box before the board leaves my shop  and I even order the stainless steel screws and include them with the board. Aloha,Kokua

No, no, no, no…

Tape is UNDER the glosscoat, or UNDER the spraycoat.

You can’t pull it off without “razorblading” around the tape.

I think someone forget to pull tape off after glosscoat had set.

Boards are 930euros.

I think they were shaped+glassed here in Spain (Pukas factory), after an European tour of JedNoll.

Howzit?!? In that case, it’s more like the rub-out guy didn’t go deep enough when sanding the gloss coat. I’ve seen plenty boards where the polisher left the tape on , you’ve got to go deeper before polishing. How’s that polish anyway? It sounds like if they didn’t try too hard, then there’s probably some brush marks or other gloss coat wierdness there too. Aloha…RH

Thats just cheap tape- It soaks up resin unlike more expensive grades of masking tape. A better grade of masking tape would have just peeled off. Try picking at it with your fingernail, and then move on to picking at it with a razor blade. Use a little acetone or other solvent to gently clean tape residue. Shouldn’t be a problem. -Carl

One of the boards is a Greg Noll. Pretty high price for even a pimple in the paint. Hell sell it on e-bay for 5K

Howzit Rick, Sounds like a lazy rubout guy to me,what you said about other imperfections is quite true and if the board is put under the microscope I bet they will find more weirdness in the gloss.Maybe the rubout guy is scared he might burn through since most longboards have Vee and it’s easy to burn through in the box area. I know that’s one area of the board I keep an eye on when rubbing out.Aloha,Kokua