Gloss Coat Question

I did a gloss coat deck and bottom. To cut thru the wax I started sanding with #320, then #500, and #600 wet. The Surfboard polish #2 and then Meguiars #3. Still can’t get a good “in your face” gloss shine. Kinda so-so. Also there’s some sanding marks. Any ideas?

Howzit Moku, After 320 you should have gone to 400 grit then the 500 ( never seen 500 grit though) then 600. Next you need to rub it out before polishing using Shurlustre for rubbing out. I’ve seen boards that really ahd a shine to them but after a close lokk you could still see the sanding marks. If it’s your own board I would only rub out the rails and bottom since the deck will get waxed. Also try not using water since it makes the sand paper cut more.Aloha,Kokua

what did you use?

Poly, epoxy?

I don’t know much about epoxy other than it’s tough to get a true gloss. If you were using poly then with the steps that you took you should ahe had decent results.

Look to your resin mix. Maybe not enough wax?


Sounds about right to me, not sure on the names of the products you using as we get different stuff over here,

don’t skip any grits, the higher the grit you go the better the shine, then compount. you could also try to finish up with an application or two of marine liquid wax and a high speed buff with a lambs wool bonet.

Poly gloss. I use Shurlustre as my first rub out and I find that if I do it twice, results are better for the Meguires. Yeah, I guess it’s time for more sweat and use #400 :slight_smile: