Glossing Repaired Areas

OK, this may seem like an overly simple question to some of you, but here goes: How do you restore the gloss finish on an area that you have repaired? I assume that you must mix and apply a small amount of “hot coat”, if so what are proportions of resin, catalyst, wax, etc, and how do you finish it once it has cured?

Make sure you’ve sanded the repair down a little below the final surface. Mask and gloss (or hot coat using standard proportions. i.e. a shot of surfacing agent and a shot of catalyst to your standard lam resin), carefully wet sand the edge with a small block to 600 and rub out with some compound. My ding repair sanding block is about 1"X3" and I keep it on the repair. I often don’t use a buffer on little dings - just a little compound on a rag. Watch for sand throughs.