Good fish/egg/single fin Videos

Hey can anyone recommend a good video showing heaps of footage of:- eggs traditional fish single fins In my experience many videos have little ‘mid-lengths’ tit bits but I havent found a solid ‘mid-lengths’ video.

You might want to check out “Quivers-The Long and Short of It”. It features surfers like Joel Tudor, Beau Young, Stephen Slater and some other unheard of guys in Australia riding a variety of equipment from hybrids, 70s single fins, fishes and longboards. A refreshing break from the usual hardcore shortboard or exclusively longboard videos out there. “Surf Movie, Reels 1-14” features a lot of Joel Tudor riding his shorter midlengths, Pipe pintails and a little bit of Slater and Co. riding retro boards. Kind of arty in the sense theres a lot of grainy off color and choppy shots. Not a mainstream type of release but if you’re just interested in the footage its rather interesting.

Go to the source- Sea of Joy, Morning of the Earth, Super Session, et. all

also-evolution, innermost limits of pure fun, crystal voyager(with Ritchie West rippin on his stubbie),some stuff in A sea for yourself and/or Cosmic children, fluid drive…

not so much the traditional “fish” but lost’s 5-5 x 19.25 has some really good surfing on little round nose fish designs. there is some footage of nuuhiwa and others surfing on his version of the fish way back when. on the subject (maybe off), a video called good’n’plenty has some footage at near the end of the video of curren at rincon on one of his rocket fishes. there’s this one wave in particular that he just lays out this unreal bottom turn…

Check out Free Ride, the film is hard to get but the footage is great, very seventies single and twin fin action, with some great surfing from Mark Richards. Contact the guys from classic surf video in cornwall (uk) phone 01736 367912 or ( There the source for all classic fims in Europe. Peter Rijk.