Good Future Fin Combos

I accidently slammed a door on the trailing fin of my AM2 set and broke it in half, but I was not to bummed because that set seemed to lack drive (great of the lip though). I replaced that center fin with the EA 4.5, increased the drive and still plenty loose off the top (does any one know the difference between the two center fins, I know the AM2 center is smaller than the sides?). In fact looking at the set it looks like they were meant for each other. This was on a 6’8"x2.75x2 5/8 Merrick MBM and I am 6’4"x205 average ability. Conditions were excelent, waves were chest high fair+ bechbreak Nor Cal. Anyone else care to share any discoveries with this fin system?

your board dimensions make no sense

Oops. That would be 19.75(not 2.75)thanks for the correction. Mabye thats why I had no reply? Do you know any?