Good starting planer? Any suggestions?

What is a good planer to start with? I don’t know if I’ll really like shaping, but want to try it out on a few blanks to see. Will the typical 60 dollar cheap one at Home Depot work? Any suggestions?

For a first board, just get the cheapest planer you can get your hands on. It works. It might be more work, but it works. regards, Håvard

I just picked up a cheapie on Ebay for less than $30.00 shipping included. Might be junk but I wanted to see if I could rework it and get some use out of it. Do a search for “planer” there was a bunch for sale. Also looked at the Home Depot cheapie…Ryobi… Adjustment knob was too stiff! The DeWalt would be easily converted. Adjustment goes from full open to full close with about 3/4 turn. Knob is also fairly loose…read a complaint from a woodworker about knob being too easy to move and no lockdown. Just what we look for! $149! Also front shoe has 3 grooves to fill instead of the usual one. Don’t know whether bearings are sealed or not…Foam dust is deadly on bearings. Hope this helps! Krokus

From my experiences, I’d recommend you get the modified Hitachi planer from Clark Foam if at all possible. I went the cheapie hardware store way then moved up to the Hitachi. I could have saved the money I spent on the cheapie for another blank or something. I hear the Hitachi trigger handle has been modified for better ergonomics too.

I use a Dewalt. No modifications. Thing works great. Might take many passes, but you’ll get there soon enough.