Great Lakes Surf Check?

I’m guessing midwinter?

hahah man that looks cold but if thats from a big storm there might be some good waves

a friend spends half his year in cal, the other in michigan on the lake.gets some pretty decent waves in that big pond.i ask him about the cold and he says he is in wetsuit with heater on, and leaves the car running with heater on while out surfing so i’ts nice and toasty when he gets in.

Is his name Chuck by any chance?

no, it’s the enforcer of the great lakes…as it should be, because he can surf…

Great Lakes Surfing , the cold and similar environs, is why the Mini Van is the perfect surf car for those areas.

Putting on, taking off the wetsuit in the back comfy roomy seat with tons of leg room with the heat on!

Avoiding putting on/taking off the wetsuit in cold or rain!